Why should you request that the common areas of any type of building be sanitised?

In 2020 we at EdiliziAcrobatica converted a branch of the business to include specific operators for sanitation interventions in any building. Thanks to partnerships with experts in the sector, we have made it possible to quickly perform sanitation interventions for anyone who needs them on the internal and external environments of a building.

Whether you manage an apartment building, a school, an office, a shop or a restaurant, you’ve come to the right place. Click here to request a free quote and find out what the intervention consists of, how much it costs and how long it takes to carry out.


Through our sanitation intervention, we eliminate the greatest number of microorganisms from your building, such as bacteria, viruses or fungi. The service involves killing, inactivating or removing these organisms to control the risk of contamination or infection. We do this by applying disinfecting agents, either chemical or physical in nature, which reduce the microbiological load on objects and surfaces by destroying or inactivating them. Before carrying out disinfection, we always perform a cleaning service in order to remove all residual dirt that could compromise its effectiveness. 

The chosen cycle involves sanitising products for cleaning and disinfection using nebulisers for all the treated surfaces. We perform our intervention on all the common areas of your building, in a comprehensive and extremely precise manner, to guarantee you a completely safe environment, protected and free from infectious microorganisms.

As an example, we perform our intervention on:

  • Entrance halls
  •  Floors
  •  Handrails
  •  Lifts
  • Door and gate handles
  • Letterboxes
  • Intercoms
  •  Furnishings

When you request a free estimate, an EA technician will contact you by phone, and will carry out an inspection of your building and identify all the structural elements (state of the building, total surface area to be sanitised, size of the communal areas, necessary interventions) and any specific requirements, which you can discuss quickly and directly. You will receive a full report, free of charge and with no obligation, which will allow you to assess the operation and plan it according to your real needs.


The topic of sanitation in schools is often the focus of heated discussions. This is hardly surprising, given the times. In Italy, the number of cases from the pandemic is still high and schools are often singled out as centres of contagion, regardless of the real risks.

The country as a whole remains committed to implementing effective actions to ensure schools are opened in total safety, so as not to overload families and the entire system.

The protocols are clear, with regard to both the use of protective equipment and the rules of social distancing.

We at EdiliziAcrobatica provide the service: we have introduced operators specialised in cleaning and disinfection interventions and formed partnerships with experts in the field, so we are able to guarantee school disinfection services throughout Italy.

To request a free quote and schedule occasional interventions in school facilities, simply fill in this form. One of our technicians will contact you to arrange an inspection, listen to your specific requirements and quickly give you the best offer.

You may need to follow a preventive plan, either with occasional interventions or with post-infection protection activities. In both cases we are ready to offer you solutions, safety and the highest quality.


School protocols put forward precise scenarios and targeted solutions.

There are 4 possible cases:

  • A student experiences symptoms during school hours.
    That is, the student experiences a fever, cough, painful joints and other symptoms associated with COVID-19 while at school.
  • A student experiences symptoms at home.
    That is, the student experiences symptoms while still at home and is therefore absent from school.
  • A school staff member experiences symptoms during school hours.
    Same as above, but in relation to teachers, administrative and ancillary staff, etc.
  • A school staff member experiences symptoms at home.
    Here too, same as above, also in relation to the measures previously mentioned.

In cases where symptoms are experienced while on school premises, the person – student or staff member – should self-isolate immediately and go home.

From then on, he or she will stay at home and perform the swab test. If the swab test result is positive, the student’s class or, in the case of a school staff member, the classes he or she is in charge of, goes into fiduciary isolation and begins contact tracing activities.

If the swab test results are negative, the students can return to class. If swab tests could not be performed, isolation ends for each of them ten days after the end of their symptoms, subject to their general practitioner’s agreement.

Obviously, in both cases, it is mandatory that the school premises are sanitised.

For this reason, it is recommended to request regular interventions from industry professionals in a preventive manner: not only to avoid potential contagion, but also to streamline the procedures and allow immediate decisions to be made should the event arise of a positive case and therefore consequent interventions need to be performed for this purpose.

In the other two cases, when the individual has symptoms while still at home (or otherwise not on school premises) the issue may be more complex. In fact, if he or she is absent for more than seven days from the onset of symptoms, nothing will happen. If he or she has been absent for less than seven days, it is necessary to proceed with sanitising the school facility, as well as carrying out the contact tracing/fiduciary isolation activities we have briefly described above.

The cases that result in compulsory sanitation are well regulated and limited, and also numerous. The same applies to preventive measures.

If you need to find out the times, costs and products involved in sanitation intervention and plan it for your building, you can count on us: fill in the form and in a few hours you will receive a call from an EA technician who will remain at your disposal to regularly sanitise the spaces you need.

You and your people, in safe and protected environments. Always.

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