Emergency intervention, promptness and speed thanks to the EdiliziAcrobatica® double rope technique

The construction emergency intervention service offered by EdiliziAcrobatica.

Whatever intervention you need, you can count on EdiliziAcrobatica’s construction emergency intervention service: this service is offered with the aim of providing a rapid solution to requests for maintenance or for securing a building that is damaged due to a lack of maintenance, to an incorrect or badly executed project or to external factors, including serious ones such as landslides, earthquakes or other natural disasters.

Our emergency intervention service is in operation in many Italian cities: thanks to the ability of our specialised workers to carry out techniques of rope access work, we are able to perform maintenance and safety work on buildings promptly and efficiently.

If you need to carry out extraordinary maintenance, urgent repairs or secure a building, do not delay! Call your nearest office: our emergency intervention teams are always available – even during the summer months – and will help resolve your problem in the shortest possible time. Therefore, you can get back to enjoying your home in total safety and with peace of mind.

What are the advantages of the EdiliziAcrobatica emergency intervention service?

  • Quick intervention and rapid solutions –Our field teams intervene within a few hours, using all their skills in rope access work to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.
  • A solution for any construction problem, ready at all times –The emergency intervention team are able to work on any type of construction intervention required, from renovations to the maintenance of façades, balconies, front panels, structural reinforcement and much more, offering you a wide and comprehensive range of solutions. In addition, our expertise in mountaineering techniques and certified rope access work means that we do not have to set up a construction site and its associated scaffolding, which speeds up the resolution of your problems.
  • Protecting and respecting safety at work –All work is carried out by highly specialised and competent personnel, and always complies with the current regulations.  Every aspect, from setting up the construction site to the safety of the operators and the people living nearby, is taken care of in detail to guarantee maximum safety for everyone: for example, pelmets are installed to collect the building materials that are removed and to prevent anything from potentially falling and injuring someone.

Why should you call the EdiliziAcrobatica emergency intervention service and how is our work carried out?

Thanks to the experience we have gained over almost thirty years using the double safety rope technique, we can guarantee you an efficient construction emergency intervention service: our innovative working technique allows us to offer indisputable advantages, in terms of both the time and the cost of the construction work. To complete the offer, we guarantee fast responses to calls and varied and effective solutions to different problems.

How is a job carried out in response to a call for construction emergency intervention?

Our operators from the nearest office arrive on site and, after performing a brief initial inspection, they start the work. Our workers secure themselves with their harnesses and attach the safety ropes to the lifeline fall arrest system: after these initial and quick operations, our specialised construction workers are ready to work at height to resolve the problem they were called for. This may range from a simple removal of dangerous material to the restoration and securing of a building façade, or from installing structural reinforcements to repairing and cleaning gutters and chimneys.

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