Intervention for the safety of the cornices

We know what home represents: a place to feel safe, sheltered and protected. Precisely for this reason we are very attentive to all aspects related to safety: not only when we are engaged in the work, but also when there are potential dangers for those who live in the building, and for those who find themselves passing by in the vicinity. For these reasons, we guarantee you a prompt response to any request regarding building safety, which could present itself as damaged due to an earthquake or because it is poorly designed or simply because it has not been subject to adequate maintenance. It is thanks to our construction technique of height work on double safety ropes that we are able to solve problems in a short time and with excellent results: we do not waste time in assembling scaffolding and aerial platforms.

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At EdiliziAcrobatica® we are specialists in building safety, our interventions are various:

  • securing of fronts and balconies,
  • removal of unstable plaster,
  • creation of structural reinforcements of beams and pillars,
  • detachment of parts from cornices

Whenever the buildings present conditions of potential danger to people externally, our rope-access workers are ready to intervene with the methodology of rope-access height work that we have been successfully using for almost 25 years. In order to be always present for you, we have activated a Building Emergency Service, through which our teams, made up of highly qualified people, are on the site of the intervention in a flash with the main purpose of guaranteeing the safety of all.

There are really many cities in which the rapid intervention service is available, discover them on the dedicated page or contact us, we will be happy to help you with whatever your problem is.

The advantages of rope-access work

When a situation is urgent and potentially dangerous there is no time to waste, the sooner we act the better it is for everyone. These are the ideal situations to enjoy 100% the benefits that we at EdiliziAcrobatica® guarantee you:

  • NO use of scaffolding 
    • involves time-saving and effective rapid intervention
    • economic savings,
  • teams who are ready to work for the safety of the building.

Once at the site of the intervention, the workers take care of checking the hooks of the lifeline, generally placed on the roof. In case there isn’t, a temporary safety structure necessary for anchoring the ropes will be installed. PPE (personal protective equipment) are then worn, including harnesses. These are fixed with the previously anchored ropes to the fall warning lifeline system, positioned on the roof. The device we use is adaptable to any need for intervention and it is an extremely safe model, which its main advantage is that it can be installed in any position, allowing the builders to accurately carry out the height work.

Thanks to this working method in a short time we complete the operation and remove all the dirt created during the work. In this way, in the evening when the team returns home you can watch the sunset from the window as usual, without the view of a scaffolding.

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