re you an administrator always looking for new challenges and oriented towards constant self-improvement? 

You have the opportunity to register for the management training courses provided free of charge by theinternal academy EAcademy. The training days are designed for all professionals like you, clients of EdiliziAcrobatica, who deal with the management of one or more buildings. You will be joined by a highly qualified trainer who will guide and support you in your studies, with the aim of deepening and strengthening the most important aspects for you.

EAcademy was started to give you the opportunity to enhance yourself to the best ability.

You can choose to participate in the most interesting training for you, we offer specific courses for:

  • the management of apartment building conflicts
  • improvement of personal efficiency
  • communication techniques
  • management of human resources
  • management of finances

Each day of training with EAcademy includes meetings and discussions with industry professionals and other fellow administrators, to share ideas, reflections and create a network of strategic contacts.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact your trusted EA sales representative directly to know all the courses provided in detail and the next useful dates. If you do not have the contact of an EdiliziAcrobatica sales representative, send us an email or fill out the form. We will contact you as soon as possible!

To carry out your work at the highest level it is essential to count on a network of contacts: thanks to the multiple courses provided by EAcademy you will have the opportunity to meet apartment building administrators from all over Italy, moved like you by the desire to grow and always stay updated on the most important issues in the sector. The network of knowledge developed through theacademy of EdiliziAcrobatica gives you an extra boost: not only can you count on specialised training oriented to achieve your personal goals, you also have the opportunity to forge strategically important bonds throughout the national territory that allow you to share experiences, compare yourself with realities other than yours, expand your business business and give you the opportunity to develop potential collaborations.

For you, for your apartment building, EdiliziAcrobatica!

If you want to stay connected with the course companions of the EAcademy and meet new administrators from all over Italy, visit the Smart Administrators Community!

The group was started to return the centrality to the role of the administrator, the first point of reference for millions of Italians and an increasingly important figure for our country.

The Smart administrators community is the first and only dedicated Italian group consisting of apartment building administrators, who come together to share ideas and projects, plan and find new stimuli. It’s a group dedicated to all administrators projected towards the future, you are a Smart Administrator if…

You are a great professional, multisectoral, multitasker and with great skills.

You are a freelancer, an entrepreneur who manages assets and people.

You are the first reference point for millions of Italians.

You are the person who takes care of the buildings, but especially of all those people who live within the apartment building contexts.

You smart administrators are professionals with common goals, who want to share success stories, knowledge, to motivate, train and improve more each day, without labels and boundaries of any kind, but with great strength and determination.

The Smart Administrator is YOU!

With this community we want to create a single voice that can be heard everywhere, loud, clear and resolute. We Administrators have managed to make a difference in our cities and now, united, we can make it all over Italy.

Let’s not forget where we came from, but always remember where we can get to.

The community is dedicated to the comparison, exchange and sharing of news for theadministrators of the future, it is a group that shares a unique result: to create a single voice that can be heard everywhere, in a strong, clear and decisive way. Not yet part of the Smart Administrators? Sign up now!

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