Who is the Smart Administrator?

The smart administrators community is the first and only dedicated Italian group consisting of apartment building administrators, who come together to share ideas and projects, plan and find new stimuli. 

It’s a group dedicated to all administrators projected towards the future, you are a Smart Administrator if…

You are a great professional, multisectoral, multitasker and with great skills.

You are a freelancer, an entrepreneur who manages assets and people.

You are the first reference point for millions of Italians.

You are the person who takes care of the buildings, but especially of all those people who live within the apartment building contexts.

You smart administrators are professionals with common goals, who want to share success stories, knowledge, to motivate, train and improve more each day, without labels and boundaries of any kind, but with great strength and determination.

TheSmart Administrator is YOU!

With this community we want to create a single voice that can be heard everywhere, loud, clear and resolute. We Administrators have managed to make a difference in our cities and now, united, we can make it all over Italy.

Let’s not forget where we came from, but always remember where we can get to.

The community is dedicated to the comparison, exchange and sharing of news for the administrators of the future, it is a group that shares a unique result: to create a single voice that can be heard everywhere, in a strong, clear and decisive way. Not yet part of the Smart Administrators? Sign up now!

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