Lately, external insulation, also called thermal insulation, is one of the most requested services thanks to government bonuses of 110%. To meet the needs of people, EdiliziAcrobatica® has opened a new branch called EA110. On a technical level, external insulation is a process that allows thermal insulation and acoustic insulation, through the application of special panels on the internal or external walls of the house.

The advantages of good insulation

The main advantage that are offered by having good thermal insulation is the decrease in temperature changes and humidity in the home, these translate into considerable savings in costs for heating and air conditioning the home. Thermal insulation not only saves money and energy, which we at EdiliziAcrobatica® pay attention to, but also guarantees a comfortable environment, because it reduces the presence of mold, condensation and protects the structure of the building from decay and from water infiltrations.

Furthermore, having a thermal coat to protect the walls, both external and internal, also ensures better acoustic insulation, so it is particularly recommended for those who live in areas with high vehicle traffic and are looking for a solution to have a rest in tranquillity. Finally, the increase in the value of the property should not be underestimated, because the external insulation improves its energy class.

How is the external insulation installed?

External insulation consists of covering the walls of a building with insulating panels to be glued or fixed with plugs. The initial phase of the work involves the preparation of the substrate: it is necessary to restore the damaged parts of the plaster and create an intact surface suitable for the application. All the panel application intervention is carried out by EdiliziAcrobatica® workers, using the double safety rope system.

The thermal insulation can be applied to the inside or outside of the facades.

  • The external one is generally preferable as an intervention, because it ensures greater benefits for the residents, who will not have to leave the apartment during the works, they will not have dirt in the house or a reduction in the volume of the internal environments.

In addition, thanks to our innovative double rope technique, the application of panels on the external façade eliminates scaffolding and all the associated inconveniences, including the high costs for the rental and assembly of these same structures.

When you decide to carry out this kind of work, the advice is to do it in its entirety: as well as on the facades, the roof also has a strategic importance for obtaining good, long-lasting results. In the case of works on the upper portion of the building, the thermal insulation intervention is different and depends almost exclusively on the characteristics of the roof: if the roof surface is flat, it can be insulated by combining insulating panels, waterproof mantles and protective layers. In this case the insulation is placed on the structure of the pitch. With a pitched roof, insulation is possible both from the inside and from the outside.

The process ends when the interested parties have returned to their original production condition: after the application of the panels, the rope-access workers proceed with plastering, painting and sealing along the perimeter of the frames to avoid water infiltrations. What you will see is a 100% complete job without the need for further interventions. Properly insulating a home allows you to obtain significant savings in energy costs, with a reduction of up to 20 percent. What are you waiting for?

Which panel to choose.

The choice of panels to be used in external thermal insulation must be carefully evaluated for thickness and type, in order to avoid heat dispersion in winter and to ensure a cool environment in summer. The thicker the insulating layer, the greater the energy savings achieved.

Get advice from an EdiliziAcrobatica® technician, the free inspections are necessary for us to understand your real needs. Call us, thanks to the rope-access technique we have the speed of execution in our blood: without scaffolding and aerial platforms to be assembled, EdiliziAcrobatica® can begin the thermal insulation of the walls quickly.


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