Problem on the building?

Whatever the problem which has occurred on your building it is important that it is resolved quickly, the fall of damaged parts or parts not kept in good condition is a potential danger for all the people which happen to be around the building , especially if it is on a public and / or busy street. With our construction technique of height work on double rope, we solve problems externally to buildings of all types, without wasting time on assembling scaffolding and aerial platforms, but quickly ensuring a professional service of excellent quality.

Are you wondering what are the operations for which you should request an intervention? Let us tell you:

  • removal of the plaster unstable on the facades
  • resolution of the detachment of parts from cornices, fronts and balconies,
  • realization of structural reinforcements of beams and pillars on buildings damaged by a seismic event
  • Sealing cracks
  • Welding at height
  • Securing balconies
  • Securing cornices
  • Securing protruding materials
  • Securing roof

Whenever the buildings present conditions of potential danger for people outside, our rope-access workers are ready to intervene with the methodology of height work that we have been successfully using for almost 25 years.

FAQ: Frequent questions

Of course! We are the first to pay the utmost attention to safety, in any work we have to perform. Precisely for this reason we guarantee you a dedicated service, for the most immediate needs the Emergency Building Intervention, active in many Italian cities, which allows us to send our teams of specialized workers to the workplace and start the execution of safety measures of the building in record time.

We have created special teams, characterized by the ability of our workers to carry out interventions with rope-access with the aim of offering a timely solution to the requests for emergency assistance and securing the buildings. The service is guaranteed in the following operating offices, spread throughout the national territory:

If you are in urgent need of repairs, maintenance or refurbishment, do not hesitate to contact us to find out which office is closest to you. We are always available, even in August our Emergency Construction teams ensure maximum availability.

In all urgent situations in which the use of scaffolding would mean wasting time and spending a lot of money, we at EdiliziAcrobatica® can guarantee you a quick response, because our teams are immediately ready to work for the safety of the building.

Once the harnesses have been put on, the workers are fastened with ropes to the anti-fall lifeline system, positioned on the roof. Our intervention mode is adaptable to every need, we only use certified and highly safe equipment, which has the main advantage that it can be used in any situation, allowing rope-access workers to accurately carry out height work with maximum freedom of movement.

We can complete many types of works with the aim of securing the environment and avoiding any problem related to the neglect of the problem, we take care of removing the unsafe elements and restoring the ideal safety conditions in the building, such as:

  • securing facades, balconies, ceilings and front panels
  • structural reinforcements
  • repairs to gutters and flues.

Obviously, each intervention is adapted to the situation in question. In the case, for example, of securing protruding elements, we proceed with the scaling of the parts in the detachment phase and removing the deteriorated material, if necessary, the treatment of the reinforcement rods is carried out, to continue with the protection of the artifact using a grout composed of aggregates, protective elements, cement and water.

During the whole construction intervention on rope, maximum safety is guaranteed both to the builders and to anyone near the structure, for this reason an aerial valance is used consisting of aluminum pipes and a double layer of PVC bag, which is fundamental to prevent material from falling to the ground. Of course we make sure that the area below the work is free, for this reason the area affected by the operations at height is fenced.

Thanks to the double safety rope technique, used with extreme skill by our operators, the tangible benefits you will get by turning to us are:

  • Timely interventions in the day: the EdiliziAcrobatica® Emergency Response team can work without the use of scaffolding, thus guaranteeing a speed in building maintenance, which traditional systems are not able to offer.
  • Wide range of interventions: the climbing techniques allow to intervene in record time to perform various types of work and renovations, such as securing roofs, facades, balconies, front panels, structural reinforcements, and much more.
  • Full compliance with the regulations on safety in the workplace: the building safety service is carried out in compliance with the regulations in force by specialized personnel in possession of certificates for rope-access building work.
  • Maximum protection: EdiliziAcrobatica® rope-access workers, in addition to fencing the underlying areas, use an overhead valance consisting of aluminum tubes and a double-layer PVC bag to prevent any elements from falling to the ground.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, when it comes to safety, you don’t have to waste time! Our estimates and inspections are free of charge and with the Emergency Service we assure you a fast service which is able to solve all your problems.


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