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SALES (04/2020 – 04/2021): 82.669.587 €

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all our customers

Top Clients

We ensure you a thousand benefits!

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We take care
of all our customers

We work for condominium administrators, technicians, individuals and families, hotels, hospitals, business centers, public and private authorities and we manage the order at 360 °: from the request to the erection of the building site, we manage everything.

Top Clients

We ensure you a thousand benefits!

Compared to traditional building procedures, EdiliziAcrobatica® gives strong and competitive benefits, which make it the Italian company specialized in building services with rope access for over 20 years.
Thanks to our innovative rope access technique we can perform any masonry work, from the renovation of a façade and the restoration of balconies, cornices and fronts to the rebuilding of roofs without using scaffolds and ensuring you many advantages. Just to give some examples:

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We offer you
the best service

A highly qualified service that makes the difference and leads to the reduction of costs and delivery times: this is what makes EdiliziAcrobatica® an innovative company specialized in the restoration of building projects.

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