Give your building a makeover: look after it by starting with its paintwork

If you are considering painting your façades, you are thinking on the right track!

First of all, because painting the façades has a great decorative function: it renders your building more attractive, more well cared for, it makes it more pleasant to look at with love and pride when you return home every evening and acts as a beautiful business card to offer anyone who pays you a visit.

But it doesn’t just help make your building more aesthetically pleasing and give it a style that sets it apart from others: there is so much more to this process. Good façade painting gives your home effective exterior protection from dirt, weather conditions and erosion over time.

Choosing to paint your house is therefore important for several reasons, and to do it right you need to consider a number of aspects. In addition to colour, consider the quality of the materials used and the professionalism of the operators.

We at EdiliziAcrobatica® carefully evaluate each new job, identifying the best products according to the surface to be treated, the type of building and its location, and we offer you the best result without installing scaffolding, which guarantees light, freedom of access, sustainability and respect for the environment and people, while making your building cleaner, safer and more beautiful.

Using the double safety rope technique, which does not require scaffolding to be assembled, you will be able to enjoy the work brushstroke by brushstroke while your façades are being painted, without inconvenience, obstruction or any dreadful scaffolding forcing you into the dark.


For an optimal painting job of your exterior walls, we start by scrupulously selecting the products, equipment and correct phases of work. Before we start painting the façades, we make small repairs and fill in any potential holes, if necessary, in order to achieve a compact and perfect surface on which to use the coats of paint.

Of course, if you need to do more extensive repair or restoration interventions on the façades, our EdiliziAcrobatica construction workers can handle this directly. The advantage of having skilled and knowledgeable construction workers at your disposal for any building operations, of any size and complexity, is that this guarantees an immediate resolution of any unforeseen circumstances as well as an excellent final result.

The surface to be painted must be healthy and perfectly clean. Therefore, our EdiliziAcrobatica construction workers carefully remove all traces of dirt, mould and paint, using non-aggressive tools. Our construction workers always work at height without scaffolding; in this way, they apply a primer and then continue to apply paints by brush or by roller, generally using siloxane paints. The paints we use are of the highest quality and meet certain requirements, such as optimal performance and resistance to weathering, particularly sunlight and rainwater runoff. In addition, they have a long-lasting colour, which means façades will need repainting less frequently.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions

Painting façades in apartment buildings may be tax deductible in relation to building renovations. The case is different for individual homes: exterior painting does not necessarily qualify for the 50% tax deduction if it does not comply with a certain type of work. To find out more, you can ask our technicians for information, and they will guide you through every stage of the work, from the initial quote to when the construction site is finally shut down.

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