Make your buildings shine – be they offices, retail spaces, hotels or apartment buildings – by cleaning the windows and glass without the need for scaffolding or other structures necessary for lifting workers.

Everyone loves large windows because they truly frame the world outside, and none of us would want to see them shielded, even temporarily, because of the work that needs to be done. EdiliziAcrobatica® offers its own method of professional window and glass cleaning at height, without the use of scaffolding, so as to guarantee that the visual impact of your building is not affected, without limiting access to outdoor areas such as balconies and terraces, and guaranteeing maximum access of light.

Cleaning window fixtures is an intervention that you can plan according to your needs: it is recommended to carry out this work at least once a year, but depending on the area in which the building is located and the nature of the building itself, it may be necessary to carry out or schedule these interventions a couple of times a year.

How is our intervention performed?

Interventions for cleaning window fixtures are often very costly due to the high difficulty of carrying out the work and the high costs associated with scaffolding structures. EdiliziAcrobatica® perform cleaning on continuous or discontinuous windows, either totally or partially, using high-quality products and the double safety rope mountaineering technique, which guarantees a rapid intervention and competitive prices, compared with traditional construction.  

Our service has no operational limits: we can work outdoors in private homes and apartment buildings, in offices, shops, schools, hospitals, warehouses and hotels. Our specialised personnel and cutting-edge technology allow us to handle any surface and carry out accurate and thorough window cleaning. During the intervention, we use specific products to achieve a perfect result with no marks or streaks, with regard for the surfaces and, above all, considerably reducing the time normally needed for complete window cleaning.

The intervention is carried out in its entirety via the following steps:

  • A free and useful inspection to determine the extent of and plan the intervention
  • Dry removal of any dust found
  • Low-pressure water wash; the water is mixed with suitable detergents and spray-applied in order to dissolve and effectively remove stains, dirt and limescale.

The advantages of EdiliziAcrobatica style glass cleaning

No scaffolding, so there is no visual discomfort and free access to the structure, with the security of not suffering intrusions from the outside while the work is being performed.

We can reach anywhere and at any height: EdiliziAcrobatica® intervention involves working at height on ropes to clean the windows on every single façade of the building, reaching even the highest and most difficult points.

Carrying out the work in record time: the workers from EdiliziAcrobatica work at height on ropes, without using scaffolding or aerial platforms, streamlining the time needed to clean the glass.

Economic savings thanks to the removal of all the costs associated with hiring the equipment and platforms needed to lift the personnel involved in the job.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions

Cleaning windows appears to be a simple job, but if the windows are located in areas that are difficult to reach or are too high, it is better to rely on specialised companies such as EdiliziAcrobatica®: your windows will shine again in no time and at a reasonable cost.

With EdiliziAcrobatica® the work is quick because there is no need to install scaffolding or aerial platforms.

In the case of buildings with inaccessible windows or those located at great heights, it is best to turn to EdiliziAcrobatica® who, with our operators properly trained in working at height without scaffolding, are able to reach any point of a building.

Using the technique of rope access work, you can save on certain fixed costs that are unavoidable for companies using traditional scaffolding systems or aerial platforms, and you will have proof of this immediately: request a free, no obligation quote from us.

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