Want to restore your balconies easily, quickly and economically? With EA you can.

Over time, balconies in houses face slow deterioration. Faded paint, peeling plaster, bulging and elements that may present a risk of collapsing make these structures dangerous for the people who use them and for those who walk under them. When such obvious signs appear, it is time to perform a balcony renovation.

The causes of balcony deterioration are generally related to the weather: rain, wind, snow and sun are factors that affect the external structures of buildings and, over the years, cause damage that should definitely not be overlooked. Water in particular is the element at the root of deterioration that is difficult to combat, because it can seep into the floor or corners, causing materials to detach and giving rise to structural damage.


Whether your balconies are sagging or in need of small, partial repairs, you can count on EdiliziAcrobatica: we can restore the entire balcony to perfection in all its parts, from the soffit to the front panel, at the same time offering you the ideal solution to resolve any small problem or inconvenience, in a more than sustainable manner. By not using scaffolding, we can provide a specific service exactly where you need it and allow you to quickly get back to enjoying your balcony, with the certainty of a job carried out to the fullest, aesthetically perfect and structurally sound. Using the double safety rope construction technique, our construction workers will carry out the work without assembling expensive and bulky scaffolding.


In addition to balconies, we also carry out effective maintenance operations and complete or partial renovation work on terraces, cornices, building façades and roofs.


We carry out renovation interventions on balconies in apartment buildings, detached houses and in any building, including historical ones, adapting the type of work to the state of the structure’s deterioration. To determine the price, which depends on the state of deterioration of the element to be restored, the type of building and the state of health of the building itself, our technicians will perform an initial inspection, naturally free of charge. Thanks to the inspection, they will be able to assess the extent of the damage and the correct course of action for the balcony renovation. To request an inspection, simply fill in the Request a Quote form and one of our technicians will contact you within 12 hours to arrange an appointment on the day and at the time most convenient for you. Following the inspection, you will receive a quote complete with the phases of work, materials required and relative cost.

In less serious cases we will restore the plaster, while in more serious cases we will need to perform more thorough work: we start by removing the crumbling and detaching elements, and then carry out the restoration according to tried and tested procedures, which include treating the iron bars by brushing, using rust converters and applying pre-packaged fibre-reinforced mortar, and finally proceed with the finishes, which we always perform using high-quality products. All the work is carried out by our EdiliziAcrobatica construction workers without scaffolding, thanks to our use of the double safety rope technique.

The main types of intervention in the field of balcony maintenance and renovation include: crack sealing, plaster repair, painting, restoration of front panels, soffits and cornices, wall lining, tiling, structural reinforcement, and so on. In the event of a risk of water seepage into the home, we intervene with waterproofing operations aimed at effectively resolving the problem and avoiding structural damage.

Of course, a useful tip is to carry out occasional checks and plan the necessary maintenance over time, as well as through contacts in the apartment buildings, designed together with our technicians. This will allow you to identify critical issues while the interventions are still minimal.


EdiliziAcrobatica construction workers who are qualified and have followed a specific training course to work on ropes.

  • We can reach where others cannot: our rope access technique actually allows us to carry out any kind of renovation intervention on balconies, terraces, roofs and façades, at any height, reaching points that may be inaccessible to companies working in the traditional way.
  • Saving time and money, because the absence of scaffolding allows us to intervene quickly and save on the costs of hiring structures intended for lifting personnel, as well as the additional costs of extending the hire period due to delays caused by bad weather, for example.
  • No inconvenience for residents: those living in the building will not be inconvenienced by scaffolding and can live with the peace of mind that they will not suffer intrusions from the outside while the balcony renovation work is being performed. We eliminate the risk of intrusions from the outside: by not using scaffolding, intruders and those with ill intentions have no way of accessing the apartments


EdiliziAcrobatica® collaborates with many apartment building managers throughout Italy, with the aim of ensuring residents numerous benefits, such as the option to schedule work over time, thereby providing the option to plan expenses and avoid unnecessary costs. Not to mention that owners of apartments in these buildings appreciate the freedom of being able to access their own homes without any restrictions and to keep their windows open and their balconies and terraces fit for use, enjoying the light and taking care of their flowers and plants even during the renovation work.


With EdiliziAcrobatica® you can resolve any problem; from small renovation interventions to simple cleaning or painting, and even as far as total reconstruction, we guarantee the best results with speed, efficiency and zero invasiveness.


The construction site procedures developed over almost 30 years of experience in the field include a thorough risk assessment that leaves nothing to chance. Operators at height have national qualifications and work with personal protective equipment, which guarantees 100% safety.

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