Did you know that thanks to the double safety rope technique we climb the walls and are able to change the large glass surfaces even on the highest floors? The heights do not scare us, on the contrary we are comfortable when we are at altitude. Our interventions are required on every type of building: apartment buildings, skyscrapers, management centers, hospitals, hotels, even on artistic installations and in all those places where there are large, high or difficult to reach glass surfaces. When it comes to interventions for the installation of window fixtures, which cannot be performed from within, we are always ready!

We tackle the large glass surfaces of buildings with the innovative technology of working on double safety rope, which takes inspiration from the climbing methodologies of mountaineers. Without scaffolding, aerial platforms or baskets, we reach any height to perform quickly and effectively, in addition to the glass installation service we guarantee complete care. We also take care of the cleaning, replacement and any restoration of glass walls.

For years we have been dealing with the installation of window panes, glass doors and fixtures for many companies and for the many individuals who come to us for maintenance because, with the technique on the rope, we offer our clients unique advantages compared to companies that are forced to use external structures to bring the workers to certain heights.

Modern technology has allowed a wide use of large windows in the construction industry, however, glass is always a delicate material which can easily cause damage to the surface, such as scratches, incisions and cement stains. For this reason, during all stages and in the installation in particular, it is necessary to rely on qualified and experienced professionals.


First we must carry out a free inspection, which will serve our technicians to define the type of intervention needed, with the aim of carrying out the installation in the most appropriate way. Every installation work of glass surfaces is completed by a thorough cleaning, paying the utmost attention to the detergents used and the quality of the products. If the area in question is a large glass window, it may be necessary to use a specific high-pressure cleaning machine for glass cleaning, to be able to effectively but gently remove any impurities.

With EdiliziAcrobatica® everything is easier, since the technique on rope allows us to reduce the cost of renting scaffolding from the quote and eliminate the inconvenience associated with these bulky structures, therefore, no visual discomfort nor limit to the freedom of access to the building for those who work or live there. During the whole period of work there will not be any inconvenience caused to the people who live in the building.

Contact us without obligation, our quotes are always free, as well as inspections. Our technicians will be at your disposal to show you the best way on how to proceed.


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