One swallow does not make a summer, but it can cause a whole series of problems for those who live in the city: the excrement of birds, in fact, are corrosive to both buildings and vehicles, can be potential outbreaks and let’s face it, nobody wants to be hit by a excrement coming from uphigh.

The maintenance of large areas of apartment buildings is a complex and expensive intervention. The best solution is to solve the problem at the root, employing several strategies that provide the natural removal of birds from the area of interest using only devices harmless to both people and animals.

EdiliziAcrobatica® is a specialist in designing and finding functional solutions to theremoval of birds, thanks to the double safety rope technique, interventions can be carried out quickly, without the need to use expensive structures such as scaffolding. The best solution often involves adopting both devices that limit the flight in theaffected area and devices that prevent bird nesting. Depending on the different needs, there are different dissuaders:

  • The classic tips, made of stainless steel make it impossible to stop birds. This type of dissuader is particularly suitable on flat surfaces such as gutters, balconies or soffit.
  • The anti-intrusion nets can be used on any type of surface. The network itself can be composed of copper for the smaller areas, or nylon for the larger intervention portions. Of course, the nets are designed to avoid the passage of any bird: you can choose the color you prefer, so that it camouflages with the structure of thebuilding.
  • Acoustic systems, including ultrasonic systems

The choice of the device and its location are fundamental to ensure the effectiveness of the system, our technicians will be able to evaluate the best solution for your needs and perform the installation professionally.

How the intervention is carried out

EdiliziAcrobatica® is specialised in interventions related to birds for more than 20 years, thanks to the technique of the double safety rope we can easily access the parts that are usually less easy to reach, guaranteeing you theuse of the best and most effective systems of the removal of birds and a process carried out in a few hours. In addition, thanks to the rope technique we reduce the costs attributable to theuse of scaffolding or platforms.

The advantages of using the double rope system

Infallible method: the installation of bird dissuaders takes place without the use of scaffolding or aerial platforms, but with the technique on rope, so you can reach any part of thebuilding effectively and eliminate the discomfort caused by pigeons or other birds.

Quick execution: the absence of structures for lifting staff guarantees the installation of anti-bird dissuaders quickly, allowing the elimination of inconveniences in a short time.

Economic savings due to the absence of the cost of renting scaffolding, in addition, in the event of delays due to bad weather, no additional costs are incurred for the extension of the construction site.

Maximum well-being for residents, because theabsence of bulky scaffolding prevents the risk of theft in the house and does not create any visual discomfort.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The stages of the work are: application of an aerial valance to avoid falling material, cleaning of the affected area with the technique on double rope and the accurate positioning of the bird dissuader.

With EdiliziAcrobatica® rope work it is possible to reach any part of thebuilding safely and quickly.

No, the absence of bulky scaffolding allows residents to enjoy the maximum freedom and comfort they are used to.

With the technique of rope work you can save on some unavoidable costs for traditional construction, you will have the proof right away: ask us for a free quote.

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