Atmospheric elements and the passage of time are the main causes for which the balconies of the houses undergo a slow deterioration. This can be accelerated in some areas where certain phenomena are present with more intensity or regularity. The atmospheric agents that represent the major causes of balcony degradation are generally linked: rain, wind, snow and sun are factors that act on the external structures of buildings and, over the years, cause damage that must not be neglected. Water in particular is the element that causes deterioration that is difficult to combat, because it can infiltrate the floor or corners, causing the detachment of materials and causing structural damage.

When to intervene?

The faded paint, the peeling plaster, the bulging in the plaster are just some of the signs that should prompt you to request a safety intervention. These elements, if neglected in their maintenance, risk giving way, making these structures dangerous for the people who use them and for those who pass under them. When there are certain signs that are so evident it means that it is time to carry out a safe restoration of balconies, do not wait! If the intervention is particularly urgent you can always rely on our Emergency Service.

When a balcony renovation is necessary, you can count on EdiliziAcrobatica®: our company is able to solve any problem and inconvenience, thanks to a specific service that allows you to quickly return to using the balcony, with the certainty of a work done up to standard, aestheticallyperfect and structurally safe. In fact, we use the construction technique on double safety rope which allows masons to carry out any height work, including safety measures, always without installing expensive and cumbersome scaffolding. 

We do not have limits on operations

Whatever care the building needs, we are here: we carry out renovation operations on condominium balconies, in single houses and in any building, even historical, adapting the type of execution to the state of deterioration of the structure. The first free of charge inspection is essential for our technicians to assess the extent of the damage and plan the intervention phases to restore your balconies to be safe and walkable. The inspection is necessary to check what state the structures are in, what the problem that caused it is and how to solve it, so that you no longer have to worry about!

Following the inspection, we begin with the removal of the crumbling and detaching elements. The balcony is now ready for restoration, if assessed as a necessary or required intervention, according to tested procedures, which involve treating the irons by brushing, using anti-rust converters and applying pre-mixed fiber-reinforced mortars, to proceed with the finishing always performed with high quality products.

Among the main types of intervention in the sector of securing balconies, there is the sealing of cracks, restoration of plaster, restoration of front panels, roofs and cornices, arrangement of tiles, structural reinforcements.

Rope-access Tips

Thanks to the double safety rope we are able to make the balconies of any building or type safe: whether they are projecting balconies, bunk or built-in balconies, you can count on the reliability and certainty of high quality, speed and savings that EdiliziAcrobatica represents. A useful tip is to carry out periodic checks and plan the necessary maintenance over time, also through condominium contacts studied together with our technicians. This will allow you to identify the critical issues when the interventions are still minimal. If, on the other hand, it is too late to intervene and it is necessary to secure the structure, we guarantee you a dedicated service, for the most immediate needs: the Emergency Building Intervention, active in many Italian cities, which allows us to send our teams of specialized workers on the work site and start putting safety measures in place in record time.


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