Reconstructing a terrace makes your home safer and more comfortable

In some cases, terrace restoration work is a must: it may be that your terrace has caused damage to the floors below, due to a water seepage problem.

Bad weather leads to water seepage that unfortunately often causes damage to the entire building, so it is essential to intervene promptly and identify the source of the problem.

With EdiliziAcrobatica, you can resolve the problem quickly and be assured of a reconstruction of your terrace to perfection, using quality materials and trained operators to guarantee an excellent service. Moreover, thanks to our double safety rope technique, you are spared of scaffolding and all the inconveniences associated with it.

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By trusting in EdiliziAcrobatica, you are choosing the best solution: fast, efficient and sustainable.

To quickly resolve your terrace problem, simply request a free, no obligation quote: in a few hours you will receive a call from an EA technician to arrange an initial inspection, which is of course also free of charge. Thanks to the inspection, the technician will be able to assess the extent of the damage and the correct course of action to perfectly rebuild your terrace. Following the inspection, you will receive a complete quotation that will allow you to make all your assessments. Not only will you find out the costs, but also discover the phases of work in detail, the materials used and an estimate of the time needed to carry out the work to perfection.

Someone working on their own terrace does not necessarily have an urgent problem to resolve, but often decides to do so to avoid and prevent much more serious damages in the future. Looking after it means looking after yourself too: prompt intervention ensures you can immediately enjoy many other advantages. A terrace, like any outdoor apartment space, is the ideal place to spend the best moments of the day: the aroma of the first coffee in the morning mixed with the scents of spring, a glass of white wine sipped in complete relaxation at the end of the day as you look out over everything around you, or perhaps the most popular home for summer dinners and barbecues with your friends. For anyone who has a terrace, it is certainly an integral and extremely important space in their home. Redoing it for you could mean increasing the living area of your house, giving you a special place and, in addition, enhancing the economic value of your home.

In order to guarantee you a job well done, we advise you to turn to professionals, and of course here we can only ask that you put us to the test by requesting a no obligation quote.

Before we carry out any interventions, you can assess the current condition of your terrace yourself and identify the starting point before we get to work.

You can decide for yourself whether you need a complete reconstruction or perhaps a partial restoration.

How can you do this? Try first assessing the health of the floor yourself.

With a pen and paper in hand, go out onto your terrace and try to observe if:

  • there are any sloping areas
  • any broken tiles
  • cracks or crevices
  • the condition and size of the expansion joints

If you do not notice anything when assessing these points, carrying out a simple restoration will probably be all that is required. If, on the other hand, there are significant discrepancies for every point, this means that the terrace will need to be redone and that, in order to avoid major damages, you should contact a professional to help you resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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