Façade maintenance is an intervention that needs to be addressed as the years go by. The most obvious warning signs are:

  • Peeling plaster
  • Decorative elements in danger of collapsing
  • Deteriorating balconies
  • Faded paint

However, intervention from an expert is necessary to identify the problems and understand their causes in order to determine the most effective solution.

There are many causes of façade deterioration: external walls are subject to bad weather conditions such as rain, snow or ice, mechanical stress, incorrect use of materials or lack of maintenance work. Prompt intervention is advised, as well as not postponing restoration of the façades once the problems have been identified.

By trusting in EdiliziAcrobatica® you can be sure that every problem will be resolved quickly and without the inconvenience of having to spend money on hiring scaffolding. Whatever repairs are needed, we can carry them out with our cutting-edge working technique.

How is our intervention performed?

At EdiliziAcrobatica® we carry out our work at height using the double safety rope system, without the use of scaffolding, which guarantees practical and tangible advantages for everyone involved on the construction site.

The work is carried out following these steps:

  • A free inspection to estimate and assess the intervention required
  • Installation of a temporary lifeline (anchoring system) for the work, if not already present
  • Use of pelmets to prevent any material from falling to the ground
  • Use of the highest quality products for the reconstruction or maintenance of sections of façades where it is necessary to seal cracks, repair cornices, balconies, or individual elements such as front panels or soffits.

The advantages of EdiliziAcrobatica’s work

  • We can reach any height and any area of the façades: EdiliziAcrobatica® operators use certified and secure ropes to reach all points of the façades with ease.
  • Carrying out the work quickly: our technology of rope access work allows us to intervene promptly and without having to assemble scaffolding to restore the façade, thereby reducing turnaround times.
  • Lower fixed costs: the absence of scaffolding means that hiring costs or aerial platform costs can be removed in the work estimate, as well as the additional costs of extending the hire period due to delays caused by bad weather, for example.
  • Maximum benefits for residents: no scaffolding means no limits to the freedom of residents, who can continue to access the building, open windows and live safely without the fear of suffering intrusions in their homes while the work is being performed.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions

The double safety rope technique, inspired by mountaineering methods, allows us to perform all exterior building works without needing to assemble scaffolding. We have more than 20 years of experience in performing rope access work and can therefore guarantee our clients the highest standards of quality and safety.

EdiliziAcrobatica® can access without difficulty those areas that are usually challenging to reach since our operators, who are properly trained in working at height without scaffolding, can reach any point and height of the façades.

Façade work can be very expensive, but thanks to our technique of rope access work, you can save on all the fixed costs of hiring, assembling and dismantling scaffolding. Request a quote now to restore the façades of your apartment building or any other structure.

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