Every time you are in doubt about how to act and you wonder if it is enough to repair the damaged parts superficially rather than a complete rehabilitation of the external plaster, call the professionals of EdiliziAcrobatica®, we assure you fast intervention and maximum professionalism! Thanks to the safety rope technique we are able to intervene without the need to mount scaffolding. Our innovative methodology is extremely beneficial for residents, who can save on the cost of renting scaffolding and aerial platforms, obtaining an impeccable result in a short time and without suffering the discomfort of having bulky structures placed in front of windows for days.

The inspection of facades is a fundamental operation to be carried out cyclically, if no obvious damage is noticed, a quick intervention is recommended as an alternative: through the monitoring and control of the front parts of your building, including those that are less accessible, it is possible to plan a renovation intervention, which if carried out in good time, solves the deterioration problems of the facades, small courtyards, cornices and balconies, which can be caused by many factors such as from therising humidity, and more generally by theconstant aggression of atmospheric agents, smog oraccumulation of external materials, for example, bird droppings, or the degradation may be due to design and construction errors or simply by the aging of the  building.

How the inspection is carried out

The first step to be taken for the renovation is to identify the causes that generate the degradation, because the mode of intervention changes depending on the type of damage. You can see achromatic alteration in some areas of the facades, in that case the team will proceed with the renovation of the finishing layer of the plaster. In the case of erosion and fraying, the job of our workers will consist in scraping and remaking the outer layer. If however, the detachment of material is found, a complete makeover will be carried out after removing the old plaster.

The processes are as many as the causes and factors that may require them, for this reason a periodic check of the state of the facades is recommended, performed by competent professionals who know to advise you on how and when to act. EdiliziAcrobatica® is perfectly aware of how important it is to prevent damage to the facade because these can damage things and people present in the area below. In addition to the possibility to intervene very quickly and to carry out the work even in normally inaccessible areas, EdiliziAcrobatica® allows you to schedule the interventions over time and to pay for them in instalments.

With our rope work technique our technicians will be able to assess the nature of the problem and recommend the most appropriate solution.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

For the inspection on the external surfaces of the buildings, the construction workers of EdiliziAcrobatica® do not need to fit scaffolding and aerial work platforms, therefore, immediately after setting up the safety anchors on the roof, they are already able to perform the rope abseils in front of the facade, they can quickly start working at altitude, using an air valance to prevent any material that may be in very bad condition falling to the ground.

You can enjoy the benefits by calling EdiliziAcrobatica®:

  • We reach everywhere: we have no operating height limits, because our construction workers, through using the mountaineering technique of rope work, also reach areas that are difficult to get to with traditional scaffolding systems or aerial platforms
  • We are sustainable: the technique on double safety rope eliminates a lot ofpollution, direct and indirect, linked to traditional construction methods. Not only for the well-being of thebuilding, but also the environment.
  • We are quick: the working methodology adopted by EdiliziAcrobatica® allows you to quickly complete any type of intervention from the inspection, and those connected to it, if needed, such as:
    – Maintenance
    – Restoration objects
    – Installation on the facade, for example, gutters [LINK to the PAGE GUTTERS INSTALLATION]
  • We reduce the cost: we can complete the inspections from the outside without the need to rent scaffolding or other structures for the lifting of the staff, also, there will be no additional charges for rental extension due to delays in the work caused by, for example, bad weather.
  • Livability of spaces: by eliminating bulky scaffolding we ensure residents the freedom to access their home, to open windows and to go out on balconies to water the plants, without the risk of intrusion into the house during the work.

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