The importance of a roof is undeniable, just think of the famous proverb! When the roof you have over your head has suffered infiltration due to a lack of insulation, you have to worry: even harmless rain can cause serious damage. These can range from infiltration that produces mold, fungi and other spores harmful to people who live there to more serious problems such as structural damage due to the infiltration or failure of the load-bearing beams. The water routes are endless, if it comes in below the plaster it can cause immediately visible damage: the bulges and detachments of the plaster are just some of the signs that warn you that there has been an infiltration. In these cases call us for a free quote or fill out the appropriate form.

EdiliziAcrobatica guarantees a quick solution to your waterproofing problems: thanks to the double safety rope we do not provide theuse of scaffolding or structures for raising workers, this makes the site ready immediately, without any need for preparation, able to carry out each job with your highest standards.

The phases of theintervention: The evaluation

Any intervention is preceded by a free inspection of our technicians, this is essential to assess the cause of the damage and the best way to solve it. It will also serve to quantify the work effectively, so that you have a free and personalised quote for your work and that it is clear in every single item.

In the event that the cause of damage is not easily identified, an accurate inspection on the following aspects is required:

  • find any errors made during the previous phase of the thermal insulation
  • slope of the screed
  • water leakage from building facilities

Only with a professional evaluation will it be possible to locate the penetration points of the water, understand the causes of infiltration and define the more suitable intervention, which can be:

  • laying a new insulation on top of the old one
  • proceed to remove the old insulation before replacement and new laying

If the problem was caused by the screed it may be necessary to demolish it resulting in total restoration.

The choice of insulation

After identifying the problem and the best way to act, our technician will take care in proposing the ideal solution for you. In fact, there are different types of waterproofing on the market, before carrying out the work it is good to know the differences: from the traditional system with bituminous membrane sheets to the liquid sheath, from the elastic two-component cement mortar to the most innovative polymer synthetic membranes. In EdiliziAcrobatica® the most done are: the waterproofing with bituminous sheath and those with synthetic membrane in HDPE.

Waterproofing with bituminous sheath

The bituminous membrane is definitely the most common choice in this kind of intervention. It is derived from the distillation of petroleum, which occurs in rolls (usually hot-fixed by theuse of a torch or with glue or self-adhesive) or in a gelatinous state. Bituminous membranes are widely used, because they have good mechanical strength, have long life and the installation is simple. In addition, they are also easy to manage: when necessary, it is enough to superimpose a new membrane to renew the old mantle.

Waterproofing with HDPE membrane

The acronym HDPE identifies a kind of synthetic membrane in high density polyethylene, very appreciated as they create an effective barrier against the passage of humidity. The reason why we chose them is simple: they are among the most innovative waterproofing products, offer a long life, excellent performance over time, allow the diffusion of steam and are resistant to tear. The HDPE membrane, being an ideal barrier both for the wind and for water, is often used in the boiler and on the heat-insulating layer of the roof.

The processing

The first step is to remove the damaged parts, previously identified with the inspection. In the event that the problem is identified in the screed, it may be necessary to demolish it together with the flooring. During this phase it is essential to pay attention to all the elements that can affect the waterproofing of the roof, for example, cracks, railings, fittings and joints. Only then we proceed to the installation, carried out in a meticulous way by our operators thanks to the use of rope technique. Thanks to the applied technology we are able to move freely throughout the construction site, even reaching the least accessible corners. In addition, it allows us to finish the work in a short time, without causing inconvenience due to the installation of scaffolding orthe use of noisy aerial platforms for lifting our staff. The advantages given by EdiliziAcrobatica® are waiting for you, call us for a free quote.


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