Do you have problems with rainwater drainage? Does the gutter leak water? Here is the alarm bell that shouldn’t be underestimated, because it means that the drain system you have is not efficient and you may need to install, repair or replace the gutter or the drainpipe. Whatever the intervention you need, we at EdiliziAcrobatica® are immediately ready to operate, to bring the rainwater drainage system to optimal functionality, with a quick intervention and offering you a professional service that isn’t too expensive, thanks to the technique of working on rope in replacement of aerial platforms or scaffolding that reduces costs.

Why worry about gutters?

Gutters are the first line of defense from the house against rainwater that otherwise, falling already from the roof without a protection and guide to flow, would saturate walls and floors causing infiltration and in the most serious cases, structural damage.

The gutter installation service of EdiliziAcrobatica® aims to solve any cause of dripping and leakage, going to act on the rainwater flow structure, before they turn into much more serious problems. During our operations we do not need to use structures such as aerial platforms or scaffolding because we rely on the eco-friendly, zero intrusive technique of double safety rope, a system on ropes that allows our operators to work at altitude safely and without operational limitations.

The attention of the eaves to 360°

Thanks to the rope technique we offer you a complete service, which accompanies you in all the life cycles of the gutter:

The first stage concerns the installation and choice of materials. The most common gutters are made of pvc while others are made of copper or metal alloys. Each has unique characteristics, often indispensable because of the stresses they may have to endure. A pvc gutter, in case of breakage, can be easily repaired or replaced, in part or in whole. The copper on the other hand is a much more resistant material, which keeps its characteristics unchanged over time and which is unlikely to break. You will still need regular cleaning to avoid large obstructions, to prevent these kinds of problems we recommend fixing a gutter net. Our gutter installation intervention is concluded by a general cleaning and a check to verify how thewater flows from the eaves to the drainpipe.

After the installation the most common interventions concern maintenance [link PAG. RESTORATION AND CLEANING GUTTERS] that also allow the correct operation of the entire drain. These may include replacing a gasket with a new one, fixing the loose screws of the support brackets of the drain pipes or collars. In case the loss of water occurs at the end of the gutter, a new head is installed, if the problem is inside the drain hole, we proceed with the removal of leaves and debris. When necessary, we replace part or all of the drain system.

Other types of maintenance are due to the presence of foreign objects in the drain: accumulation of unmoved debris in the drain system, damage to a gasket and poor maintenance can be the cause of cracks, holes and sagging. The construction materials of the gutters are another element to be carefully evaluated, because they affect the type of intervention.

With our working methodology we perform the restoration of gutters and drainpipes in an excellent way, solve any problem and in a short time, we will give you back an efficient rainwater drainage system. In addition you have the possibility to sign advantageous annual contracts designed ad hoc with the apartment building.


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