Plaster covering the façade of a house is the part most prone to damage, due to a number of causes: external walls are constantly exposed to the weather and therefore to rain, damp, heat and frost. As the years go by, it is inevitable that situations of deterioration will arise, as well as cracks of various sizes, paint that may peel off, or even plaster coming detached from the wall. In order to perform restoration on building exteriors, however, it is first necessary to proceed with demolishing the plaster on the façade, over a more or less extensive area depending on the problem.

Whether it involves just one deteriorated portion or the entire façade, plaster removal with traditional construction techniques is often challenging and costly, because it entails having to set up a construction site with bulky scaffolding or hiring aerial platforms to lift construction workers so they can work at height.

At EdiliziAcrobatica we offer you an alternative solution for the demolition of façade plaster – as well as for all the subsequent phases, from restoration to the final painting – that does not require the use of scaffolding or other structures, thanks to the technique of double safety rope access work.


Once it has been ascertained that the building envelope needs to be renovated, demolition of the façade plaster is carried out by removing the parts that are crumbling and at risk of falling, and attempting to recover what is in a good state of conservation.


Since they do not have to assemble scaffolding or aerial platforms, EdiliziAcrobatica® construction workers can quickly start working at height. As a first step, on the roof they prepare the equipment necessary to carry out the descent on ropes in front of the façade, with the main anchor positioned on a reinforced concrete body and the other anchors installed as necessary. Only an overhead pelmet is set up to prevent material from falling to the ground while the work is being carried out.


As a second step, our EdiliziAcrobatica construction workers lower themselves with ropes in front of the surface to be treated and perform manual staking and tamping to identify the points of deterioration. Demolishing the façade plaster proceeds from top to bottom by removing the plaster along crevices and in unsafe parts to restore optimal safety conditions. Great care must be taken when removing any plaster that remains attached to the underlying stonework, to then proceed with treating the exposed reinforcing rods and iron bars using high-quality products.


Once demolition of the façade plaster has been completed, it is possible to proceed with the restoration, skimming and final painting.


Using our rope technique, we are able to work on the entire surface of the façade, of any size and at any height, and can reach any point. In fact, compared with companies that use scaffolding, we can ensure a more targeted intervention, because we can reach areas that are often inaccessible with traditional systems. In addition, by doing away with scaffolding and therefore the related costs of installation, dismantling and hiring, you can be assured of a decidedly advantageous final price and the option of intervention even just for targeted sections of the façade.

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