How many times, while wandering around the city, have you noticed houses and condominiums with faded and blackened external surfaces? The facades are the part of the building that shows the damage suffered by atmospheric agents and neglect much quicker. Cleaning the facades is an important maintenance operation, which is not to be postponed at all: neglect, in fact, could cause irreversible damage to the surfaces which would entail a greater expense for expensive renovation works.

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So, if your building is not as beautiful as it used to be, perhaps what it needs is the EdiliziAcrobatica facade and wall cleaning service with which it is possible to intervene on surfaces of all kinds and ensure the complete removal of dirt, smog residues, vegetation, paint and bird droppings, avoiding an undoubtedly demanding intervention, if performed with the traditional method of scaffolding height work, with high costs and unavoidable inconvenience for residents. An example of how a facade can be damaged due to smog: if not cleaned at certain intervals it blackens the walls in an aggressive way and it becomes difficult to remove. To avoid these problems you can also plan the operations over time, in fact, in most cases, it is sufficient to intervene in time with a cleaning cycle of facades carried out accurately and perhaps with certain intervals to refurbish the aesthetics of the building.

The alternative is proposed by EdiliziAcrobatica: our rope-access works undertake climbing techniques, in this way the operators can operate safely at height at the front of the facade, without necessitating a scaffolding, reducing rental costs, reducing execution times and removing any nuisance and obstruction. One of our goals is that of restoring the value and beauty of Italy, we want to start by redesigning the look of your home or your condominium. And if during the cleaning of the facade we notice that there are maintenance or renovation works to be carried out, you can always count on us, we take care of your building at 360°, without operational height limits, for instance, we create works of painting, cleaning, repairing of crevices, element restoration, surface coating, thermal and acoustic insulation.

EdiliziAcrobatica, with over twenty years of experience in rope-access works, is able to offer an efficient, precise and convenient facade cleaning service. We can operate on any building, be it a private house, a condominium, a historic building, a hotel, a business center or a hospital, and we can deal with any type of dirt, from sediments to patina corrosion.

The cleaning of the facades and retainment of walls is always planned at each stage and varies according to the coating to be fixed and the state of degradation of the surface. After adequate preparation of the anchorage for vertical descents on static ropes, the rope-access workers arrive directly on the area to be treated. During height works, an aerial valance is applied consisting of aluminum pipes and a double-layer PVC bag in order to prevent materials from falling down.

For the cleaning of facades we use high quality detergents, with a Ph as neutral as possible.

We do not use aggressive solvents and abrasive materials.

In the case of very intense dirt, we choose a specific degreasing product and then proceed with a careful and delicate brushing of the surface in order to eliminate all accumulated dirt residues. Generally, a high-pressure water jet cleaner is used during processing, perfect for washing without deteriorating the plaster or architectural and structural elements.

The facade cleaning work can be accompanied by other services, including glass cleaning, removal of vegetation, maintenance of the gutters and stability control of the facade portion with the eventual demolition of the unsafe parts and the restoration of the same. Discover all our services or contact us to speak with a consultant.

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