Roof maintenance plays a very important role because it allows you to maintain the roof of your house in good condition. Doing so from time to time avoids more serious problems arising due, for example, to long-standing seepage, which is why all homeowners should regularly opt for this intervention. With EdiliziAcrobatica you can also plan the work over time to take your mind off things!

Proper roof management depends solely on how well you understand the condition of your roofs; we recommend carrying out frequent roof inspections to constantly keep the situation under control. In fact, regularly checking the condition of the roof allows you to immediately notice any potential damage which, if repaired quickly, can prevent much more serious wear and tear.

What are the warnings?

Prevention is the best weapon, which is why it is useful to understand the alarm bells that you can use to check the roof in the event of damage and consequent impairments to its performance.

The premise is that when a roof suffers damage that affects how it functions, it is no longer able to protect the house from climatic fluctuations and atmospheric events. Naturally, the absence of a roof, even partially, can cause rainwater seepage that has repercussions not only on the insulation and the aesthetics, with damage to the plaster or with a breakout of mould, but also on a structural level:

  • Damp spots on ceilings
  • Higher heating consumption for the house

What does the EA intervention consist of?

In order to avoid very serious damage, which would lead to the need for restoration or renovation interventions, a defined plan for regular roof maintenance should be observed.

This is not usually a simple procedure because the roof of a building is not an easily accessible and safe place. EdiliziAcrobatica® ensures a top-quality service in this field. Our operators can carry out any interventions on the roof that you might need, to perfection and without the risk of falling, thanks to lifeline anchorage. During the inspection phases, the entire anchoring system, a useful system for carrying out the work, will be checked and, if it is not present, we will assess how and where to insert the fall arrest system.

Once on the roof, the following is performed:

  • a visual inspection to assess the condition of individual sections
  • an examination of the gutters and downpipes

The reason for carrying out these steps comes down to the most frequent causes of damage to roofs:

  • the formation of stains on the tiles
  • the presence of moss and weeds
  • leaf deposits on the inside of the gutters.

By trusting in the experience and professionalism of EdiliziAcrobatica at regular intervals, you will resolve the problems that can arise from roof neglect in advance.

Intervention frequency depends on a number of factors: where you live is a determining factor in deciding how often to perform a roof inspection; frequent and intense weather conditions can accelerate the deterioration process of certain parts, such as the tiles. This is the situation when a house is located high in the mountains where there is often heavy snowfall and gusts of wind. Another factor includes the material used in the construction of the roofs in question: a roof with a bituminous sheet has higher durability and resistance compared with a metal sheet roof or one covered with tiles.

If you need to carry out an inspection, you can count on EdiliziAcrobatica

We have more than twenty years of experience in working at height, and our workers are highly trained and able to operate in any situation. Our qualities are unique, including our attitude to performing our interventions, for which we never use scaffolding or any other structures designed for lifting workers.

When you choose to entrust the inspection and maintenance of your roof to EdiliziAcrobatica, a qualified technician from the company will carry out an initial inspection free of charge, and then a team of EdiliziAcrobatica construction workers will anchor their ropes to the lifeline positioned on the roof or attached to any other strong point on the roof. Our EdiliziAcrobatica workers will perform the check directly on the roof, looking over the entire surface to find out if there are any urgent restoration operations or safety measures that may need to be carried out.

The service we offer has no limits

We are always operational and able to work externally on:

  • private homes
  • apartment buildings
  • skyscrapers
  • offices
  • shops
  • listed buildings
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • monuments and churches
  • warehouses
  • hotels

Our personnel are specialists in using rope access technology, which enables us to work at any height and carry out inspections on the roofs of any structures.


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