Choose re-roofing without caging your building inside scaffolding for months

Roofs are essential elements for a house.

They protect it from water seepage, damp and heat loss, allow comfortable, moisture-free and well-heated rooms, and reduce the energy consumption from heating.

Roof maintenance and renovation work can take many forms, and requirements differ from building to building. They range from the simplest needs, such as replacing a few broken tiles, to the most complex, such as the complete dismantling of the roof to be re-laid, complete with waterproofing and thermal insulation operations.

We have almost 30 years of experience in total or partial repair and restoration of roofs for buildings. We know the types of roofs all over Italy, from north to south, and our intervention is highly effective both for work on large roofs, for total reconstruction and for minor maintenance work.

Our innovative technique, which employs a system of working on semi-static ropes instead of scaffolding or aerial platforms, makes it possible to carry out any type of roof intervention.


To assess the time and cost of reconstructing or maintaining your roof, simply request a free, no obligation quote:

  • within 12 hours of receiving the quote, an EA technician will contact you to arrange an initial inspection, free of charge, to assess the extent of the damage, the state of health of the roof and the specific requirements. 
  • after the inspection you will receive a complete quotation, not only for the costs, but also for the individual phases of work, the materials used and the estimated times. (to check)


During interventions of roof renovation, the EdiliziAcrobatica® team of construction workers first perform an inspection on the roof covering, removing any parts that may be coming detached, which often end up obstructing the gutter channels. The operators then restore or replace the damaged elements and, if necessary, carry out a complete reconstruction of the roof with thermal insulation and waterproofing operations.

In the case of complete roof renovations, the old roof is first dismantled by removing the different types of tiles, and then the insulation materials and any deteriorated elements such as unsafe beams or damaged downpipes are removed. Once this is done, the removed beams are then restored by placing new ones and the different layers are laid until the new tiles are installed. To achieve good roof insulation, it is recommended to opt for so-called ventilated roofs. In practice, this involves creating an air chamber between the tiles and the insulation panels, in order to allow good ventilation that slows down the transfer of heat to the rooms below.


Jobs we carry out on the roof include:

– Waterproofing using HDPE or bituminous waterproofing membranes

  • Traditional stainless steel flue pipes
  • Replacement of slate or tile dormers
  • Restoration of breakwater walls
  • Copper or stainless-steel flashings
  • Installation of lifelines
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