The correct operation of chimneys, fireplaces or stoves depends almost exclusively on the correct installation of the chimney and its maintenance, which must be carried out regularly to ensure the safety of the entire installation.

The attention in the case of installing a new chimney must be placed mainly on the materials used, which must be fireproof, resistant to mechanical stress and heat, to the shape of the duct, which should be the as linear as possible and the format, preferring a circular cross section, because it is more appropriate to allow a homogeneous distribution of the smoke. The installation of the chimney involves a different approach depending on the case:

  • Newly constructed building: in the case that thebuilding is built at the same time, it is not difficult to enter the installation project;
  • Existing building without installation: in this case an expert opinion is recommended;
  • Existing building without installation: an expert opinion is advised to evaluate how to proceed, whether intubating the old air shaft or creating a new one

In any situation, the installation of a chimney is anoperation that shouldn’t be underestimated and which cannot be done by itself. It is important to rely on well-trained personnel. EdiliziAcrobatica® is one of the few Italian companies able to carry out demolition, restoration and installation of the chimney without having to use scaffolding, but using the mountaineering technique of rope work, thus being able to guarantee an optimal execution in record time and at low cost.

How a rope-access intervention takes place

Thanks to the technology of the double safety rope, EdiliziAcrobatica ensures fast and cost-effective interventions. The work carried out is part of a complete 360° service regarding chimneys and fireplaces, which includes:

  • Temporary lifeline installation (if not present on the roof of thebuilding)
  • The inspection of the chimney
  • The feasibility check
  •  Installation of the drain line
  • Check of the draught and the chimney

Every step of theintervention is carried out with the utmost attention to quality and safety standards, both for those who perform the work, and for the inhabitants of the building.

With the innovative rope technique we assure you a quick intervention with the minimum discomfort caused. In addition, we give you the opportunity to schedule the interventions over time, so that you no longer have to worry about calling us.

Through these steps you will find your chimney working perfectly in a short time, thanks also to our way of intervening: EdiliziAcrobatica in fact does not use scaffolding, this implies that the work is done quicker than traditional interventions.

The advantages of rope-access work;

All our interventions are carried out with the technology of the double safety rope, in practical terms the choice to carry out the work with this technique brings the following advantages to the end customer:

  • Effective method: our system of work on ropes allows us to perform the installation of chimneys optimally, without the encumbrance of scaffolding or other structures intended for lifting personnel.
  • Security and freedom for residents:absence of scaffolding allows residents to have no inconvenience or limits to freedom, for example, they can open the windows, go out on balconies, and live safely without fear of suffering house intrusions during the works.
  • Quick execution: we can demolish, rehabilitate, clean and install chimneys quickly because we do not have to waste time assembling and dismantling the scaffolding.
  • Economic savings: you will not have to pay for the rental of external structures for the work and you will be able to plan the necessary works in time.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

We always recommend an inspection of our technician to establish if it is possible to place a pellet stove with the chimney in a certain environment.

The most used chimneys are made of stainless steel, because this material is impervious to gases, resistant to high temperatures and has perfectly smooth surfaces that do not favor soot deposits.

Installing a chimney with EdiliziAcrobatica®’s technique will bring you numerous advantages in terms of excellence in the quality of work and safety, in addition to saving time and money due to theabsence of scaffolding.

With us you can save a lot of fixed costs that are in the quotes of companies that use traditional techniques with scaffolding work: ask us immediately for a quote.

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