Dangerous facades or walls?

Whatever the problem you might have found on your building, it is essential that it is solved with no delay, the damaged parts or in any case not in good condition are subject to the detachment of the facade, this is a potential danger for all the people who are in the surroundings of the building, especially if it is found on a public and busy street. Thanks to the skills learned in height work on double safety ropes, we solve problems externally in buildings of all types, without wasting time in assembling scaffolding and aerial platforms, but quickly ensuring a professional service of excellent quality.

Are you wondering what are the operations for which you should request a safety intervention? If your façade or wall has one or more of these problems, do not hesitate to contact us, there is a potential dangerous situation:

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To effectively carry out a safety intervention on the facade, we recommend a timely intervention when problems arise to prevent the situation from becoming more serious. EdiliziAcrobatica® offers an alternative solution to the classic construction, slow in assembling the scaffolding and expensive for the necessary rentals, in height works, for safety measures on your facade, up to completing the work with the painting of the same without using scaffolding or other structures, thanks to the construction technique on double safety rope.

We were the first in Italy to use this method which guarantees the end customer numerous advantages in terms of cost, speed and quality of life and work.

We have more than twenty years of experience in rope-access construction work and nothing scares us: we can assure you of excellence in terms of quality and safety.

After your call, an inspection will be organized to check the damage and define what to do to fix the problem. Our inspections are stress-free because they take place shortly after the call and are free of charge. Not having to mount a scaffolding and aerial platforms, the builders of EdiliziAcrobatica® are ready to get to work immediately. Once you understand what the safety needs are, they intervene without wasting time, guaranteeing you a return to normality as quickly as possible.

The first phase involves setting up the construction site, checking and in case there is not, by installing, the lifeline on the roof, essential for abseiling in total safety. To avoid the falling of the materials processed during the intervention, an overhead valance is set up which is extremely useful to prevent the fall of any material during the intervention. This phase always lasts a short time as it is not necessary to do any type of assembly of structures.

The second phase is that which concerns the actual safety process: the rope-access builders carry out the abseil by positioning themselves in front of the areas identified as dangerous and carry out the staking and manual beating to identify the deterioration points.

When one or more elements of your building do not give you the feeling of being safe call us, our rope-access workers are ready to intervene with the methodology of rope-access height work which we have been successfully using for almost 25 years.

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