Corrosion of metals can only be fixed with specific treatments

Metals are solid and robust. However, over time they undergo processes of corrosion due to the actions of chemicals and weather conditions. To resolve the problem of corrosion, effective cleaning, protection and restoration operations are required via anti-corrosion treatments for metals which, by coating the structures, can create an adequate barrier.

To determine the costs and times of the anti-corrosion treatment for the corroded metal parts, it is necessary to carry out an inspection and assess the specific extent of the problem to resolve.

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For this type of intervention, our EdiliziAcrobatica operators clean the rust and greasy substances from all the metal elements on the reinforcing rods via powerful brushing or sandblasting. They then apply an anti-corrosion mortar, using mainly Mapei conversion kits, such as Mapei Mapefer.

Thanks to the double safety rope technique, we intervene quickly and at a reasonable cost, because we do not need to assemble scaffolding or aerial platforms for our interventions.

The industry of anti-corrosion treatments for metals has progressed by leaps and bounds thanks to innovative systems of technology and cutting-edge products. Such treatments are essential in the field of construction, where metals are widely used as building materials; just think of the steel used in the form of structural profiles or in metal bar cages used as resistant cores in reinforced concrete.

Corrosion becomes a serious problem when it begins to show on the reinforcing rods in reinforced concrete in residential and other types of buildings. Under certain outdoor conditions, rust can form around the reinforcing rods. The part that has oxidised, and has therefore turned to rust, increases in volume which causes the first cracks in the concrete cover: this is how irreversible processes of structural deterioration are triggered.


In addition to individual homes, apartment buildings, historic buildings and commercial premises, our EdiliziAcrobatica construction workers are able to work on all situations that show clear signs of metal corrosion but are difficult to reach using traditional systems of work, such as on bridges during road works. We have no access restrictions or height limitations, we can reach anywhere and find targeted solutions, always with excellent results.


Corrosion is a process of metal degradation that occurs when oxidising agents are present in the environment. Corrosion comes in different forms and each form has a particular cause. The most common example is rust, which is caused when iron oxides and water come into contact.

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