EdiliziAcrobatica® is highly specialised in the design, installation, and maintenance of anti-fall lifelines, fundamental for many interventions at altitude, but not only this.

What are lifelines? They are anchors placed near the roof that are useful, functional and serve for the safety of anyone working at height. The anchoring allows maximum mobility, but also avoids the accidental fall of the operating personnel thanks to the individual safety systems and the harnesses, connected directly to the structure of the lifeline.

In the specific case of EdiliziAcrobatica®, operators, once secured with the double safety rope to the anti-fall life lines, can carry out any maintenance, renovation, installation and cleaning, on any external surface of a building without having to mount the scaffolds or aerial platforms.

How our intervention takes place

Our anti-fall lifelines service provides:

•  the life line system design

•  the roof mounting

• issuing the certificates

• the user manual ofanti-fall lifelines

• the printout report with the verification of anchorage points

• the maintenance schedule

EdiliziAcrobatica® designs, installs and overhauls an anti-fall lifeline system, which guarantees maximum safety on site and eliminates scaffolding. We are official installers for Harken Access Rail System and employ a completely new and extremely safe type of anti-fall lifelines. The Harken Access Rail System, certified EN 795:2012 Class D + CEN/TS 16415, has as its main advantage that it can be mounted in any position: on the ground, on the wall, on the ceiling, and of course in all possible intermediate configurations.

The advantages of requiring the installation of the EA lifeline

• Maximum safety: in EdiliziAcrobatica® we use the Harken Access Rail System anti-fall lifelines, certified EN795:2012, one of the best systems to guarantee the safety of workers at altitude. In addition, to demonstrate the safety of our work, we have obtained the certification BS OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Qualified operators: rope-access operators are highly specialised in installation anti-fall lifeline interventions and are enabled to work at altitude with the double safety rope, equipped with a whole series of certified and regularly checked personal protection equipment (PPE).

No scaffolding: our operators are anchored to the anti-fall lifelines system with certified static ropes to perform any intervention outside a building without having to mount annoying and expensive scaffolding, thus guaranteeing time and money savings and eliminating all the inconvenience associated with scaffolding.

Optimal system for all uses: any operators who will have to intervene on the roof, such as an aerial technician, will have an anti-fall system at their disposal that will allow them to carry out the work in total safety.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The lifelines are fixed with a tessellation to the structural works of the roof with the same materials from which they are made.

There are many cases in which you can install the anti-fall lifelines, for example, when you have to redo a roof or if requested by a technician during the construction or overhaul of a building or again, if it is mandatory.

The stable type lifeline, according to the UNI EN 795 standard, is installed on the roofs of new buildings for their maintenance and for the periodic maintenance of any installation, following a national legislation currently adopted only by some Italian regions.

EdiliziAcrobatica® is specialised in work at altitude on rope, so by contacting us you can save many costs that are in the estimates of companies that use traditional work systems: ask us immediately for a quote.

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