Renovating cornices has never been so cost-effective

A simple job such as renovating cornices is often postponed because of the high costs involved in hiring aerial platforms or scaffolding, but with us at EdiliziAcrobatica it is more than affordable and extremely simple.

Thanks to the double safety rope technique, we have no access restrictions and we remove the cost of scaffolding, therefore making all small jobs possible quickly, inexpensively and without inconvenience.

With our innovative construction technique, we have the perfect solution to the problem of crumbling cornices. EdiliziAcrobatica construction workers can perform a complete renovation of cornices, repair them in part or replace them altogether, in the shortest possible time and at a low cost, thanks to our use of rope access work, without the need to hire, assemble and dismantle scaffolding or other structures for lifting personnel, such as conveyor belts.

EdiliziAcrobatica® carry out all renovation operations on cornices with the utmost accuracy and professionalism via a process that includes demolition of the deteriorated concrete parts, treatment of the iron bars with anti-rust products, reconstruction and the final painting.


Don’t leave it too late to carry out this work. Pieces of plaster and concrete blocks can fall off deteriorated cornices and risk causing major damage to property or people.

By definition, renovation of cornices is almost always a necessary intervention. In fact, when cornices become worn, they tend to become unstable. In other words, there is a real risk that building materials will fall to the ground, including everything this brings with it in terms of the safety and security of passers-by. This certainly applies to private homes, but especially to apartment buildings which may reach great heights.

Of course, there are also less urgent but still legitimate reasons for renovating cornices. These are mainly a matter of aesthetics. Cornices are external elements that have a profound impact on a building’s decoration. A damaged cornice, although still stable, has other consequences that affect the economic value of the structure. Therefore, repairing cornices means giving the building an appearance as close as possible to its original, and compensating for the loss of value caused by wear and tear.


If you need to renovate your façade as well as your cornices, this could be the best year to do so. Renovating façades is an intervention that obviously also includes repairing or replacing cornices.

With the façade bonus, it is now possible to deduct as much as 90% off the costs, if these are spent on repairing the façade. And with us the discount is applied directly on your invoice.

There is no reason to forgo such an important intervention which, at the same time, has the potential to enhance your property.


Before starting work on the cornices, our operators prepare the necessary anchors on the roof for vertical descent on ropes and set up an overhead pelmet, made up of aluminium tubes and a double layer PVC bag, to prevent the resulting waste material from falling.

After checking the stability of the points identified as unsafe, our EdiliziAcrobatica construction workers begin working on renovating the cornices by demolishing all the damaged material until they reach the healthy parts. They then proceed with brushing the reinforcing rods and passivating them with anti-rust products. 

The demolished parts are then reconstructed using fibre-reinforced thixotropic mortar, followed by application by hand of a fixative, and concluding with two coats of exterior paint in the same colour as the original.

With us, you can save on scaffolding hire costs and resolve the problem of broken cornices in no time, without inconveniencing yourself or your neighbours. None of you will be forced to put up with bulky structures in front of your windows.

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