Roof to be repaired urgently? We guarantee prompt intervention and timely resolution

Falling shingles, rubble or structural weakening of the roof can represent a risk for all the people who go around the building where the detachment of material occurs. In this case it is advisable to intervene in no time, relying on fast, effective operational teams who are able to apply timely solutions to guarantee the safety of people.

We are the fastest construction company in the maintenance and safety interventions of buildings: our interventions range from the safety of dangerous roofs, to the removal of unstable plaster on the facades, the resolution of the detachment of parts from cornices, fronts and balconies, up to the realization of structural reinforcements of beams and pillars on buildings damaged by a seismic event or other calamity.

The service of securing the roof, facade or balcony of the building is carried out in compliance with current legislation by specialized personnel in possession of certificates for rope-access construction work.

In case of extraordinary interventions, our rope-access builders use, in addition to an overhead valance to collect the debris, also a temporary protection net suitably fixed to the building.


  • Contact us immediately to activate the Emergency Service on our Freephone number 800.300.833. or by clicking here and signalling Emergency operation. For operations that are not urgent but still necessary in the short term, you can call the same number or fill out the form, simply without indicating the nature of the urgency, but signalling safety service. We will contact you within 12 hours of receipt to schedule the inspection and provide all the information on times, costs and processing stages for securing your roof.

2. Our technicians will come on site to the building to be secured, first of all carrying out a check of the work area, so as to have full control of all areas exposed to the risk of falling from a height or those which are a nuisance to people.

3. in few hours from the inspection the teams will be ready to intervene in the priority points, remove the elements in detachment and install the necessary systems to protect against falling objects.

4. Once the danger has been eliminated and the roof has been made safe, if requested, the EA technicians will issue an intervention and maintenance plan designed to implement the necessary actions to solve the root causes of the problem or keep the safety level monitored and stable for all people of the building.


To have our teams on site in less than 2 hours, you can contact the Freephone number 800.300.833 available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm. 14.00 to h. 18.00 or send the request via email by clicking here and indicating in the description Urgent Emergency Services. We will get ready in no time to arrive in the building and provide you with costs and cycles of the processing necessary for your safety.

With the Emergency Response service, you will have our teams of skilled workers in the building in less than 2 hours and start putting safety measures in record time. And while traditional construction erects scaffolding, we are already working to resolve the emergency.

With us at EdiliziAcrobatica you will receive an immediate response to any request to make a building safe, which may be damaged due to an earthquake or because it was poorly designed or simply because it was not subjected to adequate maintenance. With our construction technique of height work in double safety rope, we are able to start the intervention in case of an urgency in a few hours, we solve problems externally to buildings of all types, without wasting time on assembling scaffolding and air platforms, but ensuring quickly  professional service and excellent quality.

Whenever the buildings present conditions of potential danger for people externally, our rope-access workers are ready to intervene promptly after the receipt of the request: in a few hours from the first dangerous detachment our teams will be on the rope to solve the problem and guarantee safety to all those who are around the building.

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