What is core drilling?

Core drilling at altitude is a reversible technique that proves necessary very often, the cases to open holes in the construction materials can be different:

  • If they are small they are useful for inserting chemical, mechanical or tie rods, either with openings of important diameter for the service of air conditioning, hydraulic or electrical systems.
  • There may also be the need to perform a sampling of the structure materials, particularly to assess the state of the construction after destructive events such as an earthquake or a fire.

How is the work performed?

The core drilling is carried out with specific machines that allow these particular interventions, they work with abrasion and with the least possible stress, the structures are drilled so as to allow the core to recover. In technical jargon, that is called core sample. In some cases, this type of intervention is necessary: over the years, EdiliziAcrobatica® has developed a lot of experience in these processes, which are essential when you have to act on historic buildings and cultural heritage, where it is necessary to understand the composition of the masonry. Thanks to the mobility derived from the rope technique we have no operating height limits, moreover, the double safety rope allows us to even reach areas that are difficult for traditional companies that usescaffolding or aerial platforms.

The openings to extract the core sample are made in places with buildings that are difficult to reach, high or inaccessible: therefore here, the operators of EdiliziAcrobatica® are called to intervene, capable of working in every area of thebuilding with the sole use of the double safety rope.

Whatever the material you want to analyse, core drilling at altitude can be carried out:

  • cement
  • brick
  • stone

The  experience of our operators, and the particular and light equipment, allow theuse of the coring machine at any height, on any material and on any type of smooth or curved surface, allowing you to make precise holes without dust emissions or falling debris, with minimal noise pollution.

Why choose EA?

During our intervention we will not use scaffolds or aerial platforms, because the rope-access construction workers are specialists in working at heights on double safety rope: once the anchorage points of the fall-arrest lifelines have been identified and positioned on the roof, the operators will move with the ropes and reach every point of the building to carry out any building intervention outdoors, such as the core drilling at altitude.

At the end of our work, there will be no trace of the intervention, moreover, no resident or passer-by would have had the trouble of seeing horrible and bulky scaffolding in front of the facade for weeks, with many advantages also in terms of economics and time saving.

EdiliziAcrobatica® guarantees you:

  • Record execution times, the core drilling at altitude is faster if performed with the construction technique on double safety rope, because with us it is not necessary to waste time to assemble and disassemble the scaffolding.
  • Attention to safety on site: our operators are qualified to carry out the work at altitude on rope following a highly selective training course. In addition, in all our construction sites, we apply the highest safety standards in the workplace, as provided for in the reference legislation. We do not neglect the safety for the residents: scaffolding can be used by thieves to enter the houses, on the contrary with our technique on rope this risk does not exist. Moreover, we assure the residents numerous advantages in terms of freedom and autonomy.
  • Economic savings: we do not need to rent scaffolding or other structures for raising workers and this allows us to nullify some items of expenditure normally present in the estimates of companies that, instead, use traditional systems.
  • Environmental sustainability: the technique of double safety rope has a much lower impact on theenvironment than scaffolding which requires a great deal of effort to move and set up


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