For some years now, attention to the environment has changed a great deal, and we at EdiliziAcrobatica are nothing but delighted about this. For this reason, we have decided to create a unique service for all those who, like us, invest in the environment: have you installed solar panels? Many people now have them fitted on the roofs of their homes or garages and naturally wonder how they should be cleaned. The general advice is to turn to real professionals, such as the workers who make up our teams, who can provide you with a high-quality service and workmanship guarantees. Trusting in EdiliziAcrobatica brings with it great savings in terms of economic investment, compared with the services that traditional construction companies can offer: thanks to our ability to use the double safety rope technique, we do not use scaffolding, which means we guarantee you a faster job with zero inconveniences.

Why should you clean your panels?

Cleaning these structures is a very important step, especially if you want to avoid having to maintain your investment: solar panels tend to lose their energy efficiency due to dirt which can prevent the sun’s rays from being properly received.

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First of all, an inspection must be carried out in order to understand what needs to be done. To do this, we have to verify that the system is not working properly, and whether the energy levels being produced are decreasing. This can be done by accessing the control panel and checking the history of the amount of energy produced by the system. The analysis may be more or less complex depending on how many years it has been in operation, but certifying the efficiency of the system is still a fundamental step both before and after the intervention, and as a result certifying the quality of the intervention itself.

There are different ways of cleaning solar panels; thanks to our use of the double rope technique, we use the most efficient and effective ones:

  • Water brushes: these allow the parts to be washed with great ease, removing the dirt that has settled over time on the affected surface. There are different types to choose from, each with specific qualities and functions.
  • Detergent: It is important to use a mild, biodegradable detergent.

We always opt to use demineralised water to clean solar panels, and we recommend that you only call us to carry out the work in less rainy periods: in fact, solar panels tend to clean themselves with the rain.

The intervention is carried out in its entirety via the following steps:

  • A free and useful inspection to determine the extent of and plan the intervention
  • Dry removal of any dust found
  • Low-pressure water wash; the water is mixed with suitable detergents and spray-applied in order to dissolve and effectively remove stains, dirt and limescale.
  • Deep cleaning

Make the most of our benefits at all times, as we have no operational limits: we can work outdoors in private homes, apartment buildings, offices, shops, schools, hospitals, warehouses and hotels. Our specialised personnel and cutting-edge technology allow us to handle any surface and carry out the work accurately and thoroughly without using any scaffolding, so there is no visual discomfort but free access to the structure, with the security of not suffering intrusions from the outside while the work is being performed.

What’s more, we guarantee carrying out the work in record time: the workers from EdiliziAcrobatica work at height on ropes, streamlining the time needed for the cleaning process. This translates into economic savings thanks to the removal of all the costs associated with hiring the equipment and platforms needed to lift the personnel involved in the job.

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