Supply and installation of direct water systems

What are they?

Today, drinking water supply systems are widespread in buildings that supply water only when it is used, recording actual consumption through meters.

Some buildings, including many apartment buildings, use an old-style water delivery system that dispenses water continuously from the central distributor, even when it is not used, resulting in a huge waste and disproportionate expenses. The buildings that still use this kind of water system are often buildings in the historic center of the city where this system was typical until the 70’s. Often these systems have come under fire because they implement flat-rate contracts, with a constant and continuous distribution of water flow, regardless of how much is consumed. This implies that if a stable one consumes less than expected one, theexcess water ends up directly in the drain pipes, still clean.

It is clear how advantageous it is to transform the old systems into more functional direct water systems. Not only from an economic point of view, but also environmental, Ediliziacrobatica® is very attentive to sustainability, thanks to the technique of double safety rope which does not use scaffolding and other equipment that produces pollution.

Why don’t they all have direct water?

The reason why so many buildings and apartment buildings use the taxed mouth system and has not yet considered the elimination of this process with the replacement of the latest systems is because, usually, the transition to the meter or direct water is quite challenging both from an economic and logistical point of view for the necessary changes to be made to theinstallation, with the replacement of the pipeline and the installation of reducers and meters for each real estate unit.

Ediliziacrobatica®, in addition to performing the most traditional construction maintenance on rope, is also specialised in modification or installation of hydraulic works on the facade, on the roofs or in the vaults, including the supply and installation of direct water systems in replacement of those with taxed mouth. Thanks to the work on rope you can save on costs and time execution, since you do not have to rent and assemble scaffolding, thus guaranteeing the elimination of all inconveniences for the apartment building.

In EdiliziAcrobatica® we carry out the supply and installation of certified external water systems made with high quality products. All operations are carried out by our highly qualified personnel working on rope and in possession of necessary professional licenses. With the technique of the double safety rope you will find the most advantageous processing, in terms of economy, time, quality and perceived inconvenience for the optimal installation of your new direct water system or any other type of hydraulic work on the external parts of the building you need.

The state-of-the-art technology that we use allows us to build direct water systems without using scaffolding or aerial platforms, this means that the execution will be quick: the absence of structures for lifting staff ensures professional work done quickly, eliminating the inconveniences created in a short time. Less time spent means clear economic savings, which is derived from the absence of the scaffolding rental cost. Last but not least is the well-being of you and of all those who live in thebuilding: because the absence of bulky scaffolding eliminates visual inconvenience and prevents the risk of home theft during the work.

How much does supply and installation of direct water systems cost?

The prices vary greatly from the individual processing, from the affected area and other features of your processing. Since each job is different, the estimates are drawn up following the free inspection that serves to estimate the costs and plan how to intervene to solve the problems in the best way. What we guarantee you is that with the technique of EdiliziAcrobatica® rope work you can save on some unavoidable fixed costs for the traditional construction, you will have the proof right away: ask us for a free quote.


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