Anti-pigeon nets are considered one of the most effective passive methods for the removal of birds from buildings. These are generally made of copper for the smaller areas and nylon for the larger ones, all have the same characteristics: to be made in such a way that no bird can cross the meshes, light, with different colors available to blend with the structure of the building and easy to assemble.

Thanks to our experience on rope and more than 20 years of activity in limiting the pigeon access, EdiliziAcrobatica® offers a fast, easy and economical installation service without creating any kind of discomfort for all the people who gravitate around thebuilding.

Whether you are a private, apartment building or company administrator, we have the ideal solution for you, your needs and to keep the decor of the building in question high.

How the rope operation takes place

EdiliziAcrobatica® boasts 20 years of experience in thescope of the installation and maintenance of anti-bird dissuaders and is ready to advise you which solution is the best for your case. Following the free inspection, our technicians can make the intervention quickly and without any discomfort, thanks to the rope technique, so that you no longer have to worry about birds.

The advantages of rope style work

Infallible method: all operations of anti-pigeon nets take place without scaffolding or aerial platforms, but with the rope technique, which allows us to quickly reach the area ofintervention.

Quick execution: the absence of facilities for the lifting of personnel guarantees a quick installation of anti-bird nets

Economic savings due to the absence of the cost of renting scaffolding or aerial platforms, in addition, in the event of delays due to bad weather, no additional costs are incurred for the extension of the construction site.

Maximum well-being for residents, because the absence of bulky scaffolding prevents the risk of theft in the house and does not create any visual discomfort.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The stages of the work are:application of an aerial valance to avoid the fall of material, the cleaning of the affected area and the positioning of the net, all using the technique of working on double safety rope.

With EdiliziAcrobatica® rope work it is possible to reach any part of the building safely and quickly.

No, the absence of bulky scaffolding allows residents to enjoy the maximum freedom and comfort they are used to.

With the technique of rope work you can save on some fixed costs in the traditional construction, you will have the proof right away: ask us for a free quote.

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