Sanitising public places – why is it necessary, how is it done and how much does it cost?

Sanitation in public places, such as in offices or at business events, is more than a precaution: it is a necessary prerequisite, at least nowadays, characterised by the presence of the virus which intermittently concerns citizens, experts and managers.

It is important to have industry professionals at your disposal who can resolve all your needs and guarantee maximum protection of the places that you manage or live in.

In 2020 we at EdiliziAcrobatica decided to include multi service operators to provide sanitation interventions on any building. Thanks to partnerships with experts in the sector, we have made it possible to quickly perform sanitation interventions for anyone who needs them on the internal and external environments of a building.

If you need to find out the times, costs and products involved in sanitation intervention and want help planning it, you can count on us: fill in the form and in a few hours you will receive a call from an EA technician who will remain at your disposal to plan the occasional sanitation of the spaces you need.

What does the sanitation intervention consist of?

Through our sanitation intervention, we eliminate the greatest number of microorganisms from your building, such as bacteria, viruses or fungi. The service involves killing, inactivating or removing these organisms to control the risk of contamination or infection. We do this by applying disinfecting agents, either chemical or physical in nature, which reduce the microbiological load on objects and surfaces by destroying or inactivating them. Before carrying out disinfection, we always perform a cleaning service in order to remove all residual dirt that could compromise its effectiveness. 

The chosen cycle involves sanitising products for cleaning and disinfection using nebulisers for all the treated surfaces. We perform our intervention on all the common areas of your building, in a comprehensive and extremely precise manner, to guarantee you a completely safe environment, protected and free from infectious microorganisms.

As an example, we perform our intervention on:

  • Lobbies and entrances
  • Floors
  •  Handrails
  •  Lifts
  • Door and gate handles
  • Letterboxes
  • Intercoms
  •  Furnishings

When you request a free estimate, an EA technician will contact you by phone, and will carry out an inspection and identify all the structural elements and any specific requirements, which you can discuss quickly and directly. You will receive a full report, free of charge and with no obligation, which will allow you to assess the operation and plan it according to your real needs 


Sanitation is a necessary act and is encouraged by legislators. But it is also much more. It is a sign of respect for your staff, who may feel safer and experience the practice of their profession with greater peace of mind.

And above all, it is also an act of prevention, truly able to reduce the risk of contagion. Obviously, sanitation goes hand in hand with respecting the various protocols drawn up by the government, which aim precisely at ensuring correct social distancing, the use of protective equipment, etc.


Sanitation is also a matter of productivity.

Regularly sanitising the office has an impact on productivity because, if your staff are calmer, they will perform their work more efficiently. In addition, sanitising the environment reduces the possibility of contagion and, consequently, staff shortages due to illness.

Regular sanitation is therefore always recommended, even in situations where it is compulsory; for example, when an office was frequently visited by a member of staff who later turned out to be infected with coronavirus.

If your office is open, regular sanitation is undoubtedly necessary, but it is also required when the office is not open to the public or when smart working. With a sanitation programme, you can get back up and running quickly and with complete peace of mind.


Many companies have introduced smart working, which has proven beneficial in many ways.

Reduced fuel consumption (and therefore greater respect for the environment), less crowded public transport, greater productivity and flexibility.

In this context, it might seem pointless to consider sanitising the office. After all, if staff are working from home, why bother with sanitation?

The truth is that the situation is extremely fluid, with the world being closed and then opened again, followed by more closures and reopenings, etc. This fluidity, among other things, is accentuated by the “zone system”, so it remains crucial to think about sanitation.


At EdiliziAcrobatica, we are known for our construction workers being acrobats. We work at height without the need for scaffolding. However, we often “descend” to the ground to offer different types of services that do not require our acrobatic skills.

Among these, one such service is sanitation.

We carry out this activity thanks to our partnership with Activa S.C., a company with over thirty years of experience in special cleaning, particularly in cleaning places often visited by large numbers of people, such as communal areas, hallways, stairwells, etc.

We work methodically and with specific products. Our aim is not only to clean, but also to reduce as much as we can the (potential) risk that the coronavirus, as well as other viruses and bacteria, will remain. We reduce the viral and bacterial load, regardless of the condition of the premises. We achieve this by using dedicated equipment and resources when needed.

For example, we sanitise small surfaces (e.g., handles, desks, chairs, furnishings) with GLOSS HYGIENIC SA – Reg. (EC) No 648/2004, by means of small nebulisers.

We sanitise large surfaces such as floors and walls with DEO DIS, a disinfectant surgical medical device – Reg. (MOH Italy) No 11766, by means of powerful mechanical nebulisers.

Both products are approved by the Ministry of Health and/or European institutions and comply fully with the criteria of effectiveness and safety.

If your aim is to protect your office from the risk of contagion, or if you are planning to reopen your places of work shortly, don’t wait any longer and request our sanitation service.

Office sanitation: an essential activity for a whole variety of reasons, related to the health of your staff but also… to productivity.

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