How to sanitise your shop, restaurant or bar

Since resuming many of our activities, we have seen the need for shop, school and workplace sanitation, to avoid coming into contact with the virus as much as possible.

The condition of an area having been thoroughly cleaned is certainly the basic act to be performed to prevent bacteria, viruses, mites and disease-carrying insects from proliferating and spreading pathogens. It is therefore our duty to ensure we clean our premises thoroughly and regularly, without forgetting to put hand sanitiser gels and practical announcements in place for all our customers in every room, bar, restaurant or shop, in order to maintain the full control that we are all striving to achieve.

At EdiliziAcrobatica we can help you with regular sanitation interventions: we guarantee efficiency, speed and trained personnel, not only to provide the best service but also to ensure a prompt resolution of any potential problems and show the greatest respect to everyone involved in your business.

Request a free, no obligation quote from us: an EA technician will contact you by phone to arrange an inspection, after which you will receive a no obligation offer complete with times, costs and the products used to sanitise your shop.


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many professionals to their knees. There are many things we have all had to give up in order to avoid spreading infection, and each of us has had to observe even more restrictions and precautions to return to as normal a life as possible, and as close as possible to what it was before the pandemic.

One of these precautions is sanitation.

Since resuming our activities, we have seen the need for mandatory sanitation of shops, common areas and places of work, to avoid coming into contact with the virus as much as possible.

In our sanitation interventions, we at EdiliziAcrobatica carry out a thorough clean of all the areas in question before going ahead with disinfection. We proceed with our sanitation intervention, whereby we eliminate the greatest number of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses or fungi from your shop, bar, restaurant or other business establishment. The service involves killing, inactivating or removing these organisms to control the risk of contamination or infection. We do this by applying disinfecting agents, either chemical or physical in nature, which reduce the microbiological load on objects and surfaces by destroying or inactivating them. Before carrying out disinfection, we always perform a cleaning service in order to remove all residual dirt that could compromise its effectiveness.

The chosen cycle involves sanitising products for cleaning and disinfection using nebulisers for all the treated surfaces. We perform our intervention on all the common areas of your building, in a comprehensive and extremely precise manner, to guarantee you a completely safe environment, protected and free from infectious microorganisms.


On the outbreak of the health emergency, we at EdilizAcrobatica immediately mobilised to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, making our skills and our extensive network available throughout the country by allocating part of our workforce to sanitation.

In order to do so in the best possible way and to guarantee you a fast, high-quality service, we have teamed up with an expert partner who has been active in the special cleaning sector for years: Activa S.C. This partnership has allowed us to combine our organisation, company know-how and presence throughout the country with Activa S.C.’s experience and expertise in sanitation, thereby creating the perfect blend of efficiency in the fight against the virus, resulting in a complete service of hygiene, sanitation and pest control.

Whatever the nature of the surface or area to be treated, we are capable of reaching anywhere and will guarantee thorough and accurate sanitation. Whether you require intervention in an apartment building, a shop, a bar or a restaurant, you can count on us: during the inspection we will outline all your requirements and ensure we offer you the best work at the most competitive price.


A confined and overcrowded space is the perfect place to contract the virus. To contain the problem, you should wear a mask at all times, keep a distance of at least one metre between yourself and others, and ensure the health conditions of a room are good.

Scheduling occasional sanitation interventions with us at EdiliziAcrobatica assures you a safe environment and protection for people using the spaces.

We followed the guidelines issued by the WHO when selecting the products to use for mandatory sanitation of shops, offices and common areas, to protect the health of the people who could come into contact with the treated surfaces and in total respect for the environment.

The choice came down to two virucidal, broad spectrum disinfectants that our sanitising personnel will apply to the surfaces by means of mechanical nebulisers.

Let’s act responsibly, let’s beat COVID-19. United towards a single goal: reducing the risk of infection as much as we can.

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