Maintaining gutters and downpipes is one of the interventions that must be carried out with a degree of regularity, at least once a year. With EdiliziAcrobatica® you can plan the intervention well in advance, so you do not have to suffer the inconveniences that arise from neglect. A lack of interest in, or management of, gutters and downpipes may lead to them becoming blocked by leaves, debris and other materials that prevent water from flowing properly.  

Intervention is of paramount importance to tackle other problems that may occur due to neglect: water flowing incorrectly may overflow from the line of the gutter, which causes seepage, mould or deterioration of major structural parts such as roofs or walls.

Thanks to double safety rope technology, EdiliziAcrobatica® guarantees intervention in record time on any point of the building, even where this would not be possible using the traditional and more expensive method of scaffolding.

How is the work carried out?

All our operators are highly trained and specialised in working at height on ropes, guaranteeing maximum professionalism when performing the work: EdiliziAcrobatica® uses double safety rope technology for rapid and accurate intervention, which is more economical than traditional construction methods.

Specifically, the work is carried out following these steps:

  • Inspection of the area concerned
  • Removal and cleaning of materials obstructing the proper passage of water
  • Verification of correct functioning
  • Verification of structural integrity

Per stare più tranquillo ed evitare che le foglie ristagnino per mesi nelle grondaie, è possibile installare una copertura delle stesse, ricorrendo a delle reti che consentano l’accesso all’acqua, ma impediscano l’accumulo dei detriti più grossi.

The EdiliziAcrobatica® gutter cleaning service – which also includes inspection, restoration and maintenance interventions – can be provided via advantageous annual contracts, tailor-made for the apartment building.

The advantages gained from an EdiliziAcrobatica job

  • Maximum well-being for residents: the absence of scaffolding prevents the risk of theft or home invasions from the outside in an apartment building or townhouse, there is no visual discomfort which is typical with the presence of scaffolding, and there are no limits to your freedom to open windows and access outdoor spaces such as balconies and terraces.
  • No limits to intervention: using the technique of rope access work, our operators have no problems accessing and reaching points considered by many as inaccessible.
  • The work in record time: we ensure high-speed execution of our interventions, we assure you that we do not use any scaffolding to serve as manlifts for the personnel engaged, and we do not need to assemble or disassemble any structures.
  • Economic savings: strictly related to all scaffolding costs, which are never used by EdiliziAcrobatica workers.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions

Do-it-yourself gutter cleaning should be avoided, since using a ladder to climb to great heights and handling tools you are unfamiliar with are risky actions.

Gutters and downpipes should be cleaned at least once a year, either in autumn or on the arrival of spring: this is a job that should definitely be planned and included in the list of maintenance work not to forget.

EdiliziAcrobatica® technicians are always available to carry out free inspections, contact us to find your nearest office.

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