Check for seepage with a thorough roof inspection. 360 degrees of safety for your building.

Perhaps not everyone knows that water seepage is the number one cause of most external damages to any building. Bad weather beats down on things and people; while for people it is often enough to carry an umbrella, when we say “things” we are referring to building structures. This means that often no one thinks about protecting them from bad weather.

And due to bad weather beating down, this always leads to a few small crevices that start to hold onto water and, therefore, cause seepage.

Checking and looking for water seepage in your building should be a priority intervention that no one should refrain from performing: without any doubt, this would be the best way to avoid serious damage and save a great deal of money, sometimes unavoidable when the damage has already been triggered.

Whether you need to carry out a preventive inspection or a necessary check to identify the root of the problem of cracks, leaks, damp or detachments, you can arrange an inspection with a specialist technician and find out the costs and times of the work: request a free, no obligation quote and an EA technician will contact you by phone within 12 hours of receiving your request to provide you with all the documentation useful to you.

Along with the seepage check, we will perform a roof inspection to ensure you are fully aware of your safety and the state of health of your building.

How do roof inspections work?

During the roof inspection, which lasts on average 4 hours, our teams will:

  • inspect the roof
  • assess the condition of the tiles
  • assess the sealing of the flashings
  • check the state of cleanliness of the gutters
  • check for seepage
  • carry out the priority work

At the end of the inspection, our technician will draw up a technical report, which they will deliver to you within a few days.

In the report you will find:

  • A photo archive of the inspection and the initial work
  • A report on the work carried out
  • A report on the work that will need to be performed and an accompanying no obligation quote so you can assess the viability 

The seepage check mainly involves a preliminary analysis of the data on the building’s structure, an overview of any potential renovation, installation, cleaning and maintenance work carried out over the years, an analysis of the possible causes, and an intervention proposal to resolve the problem.

By performing a roof inspection and seepage check intervention, you prevent future damage and are safe at all times.

Causes and signs of seepage

Signs of seepage can be difficult to see with the naked eye when they involve structural elements, so it is essential to arrange a technical inspection to have full control over the actual condition of your building.

There are, however, some signs that definitely indicate seepage and they are easy to notice: when you see moisture, mould, peeling paint or strange spots or marks on the ceiling or walls, both on the interior and exterior of the building, there is definitely a seepage problem.

It is necessary to rapidly figure out the causes in order to intervene just as quickly and resolve the problem, which can prevent much more serious damage.

Some of the causes of seepage include:

  1. Particular structural elements that create water stagnation

2. Poor insulation (deteriorated waterproofing on balconies, terraces or roofs, or a lack of wall and roof insulation)

3. Leaks from one or more pipes in the water or heating system, or from downpipe outlets

4. Leaks caused by broken household appliances

Whatever the cause, a thorough inspection makes identifying and remedying the problem possible.

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