In every house or apartment building there are both sanitary and household appliances in large quantities. When it comes to a new construction or adding new parts to the duct, you can rely on the professionalism of EdiliziAcrobatica for theinstallation of drain columns on the external.

Their importance is certainly much more important than what is thought about this kind of system: in fact all the discharges in ahouse are conveyed to a pipe of greater diameter: the drain column. This is mainly concerned with conveying all the “black”  and grey waters that are produced towards thecity sewage system.

The drain system is therefore identified as the structure of pipes, including the drain columns, but also the fittings and machinery useful for the correct outflow of impure water, produced by the domestic sanitary facilities such as bathrooms, showers and sinks. It should be considered that this type of system is not used exclusively in residential buildings, of any size or capacity, but also in theinterior of industrial buildings: we at EdiliziAcrobatica follow you whatever your needs, we have no operating limits in height, we ensure a faster and cheaper intervention than thetraditional construction techniques because we never use scaffolding.

What changes from one installation to another?

basically the function of theinstallation remains the same, its operation depends on factors such as:

  • the diameter
  • the arrangement of fittings and connecting pipes
  • the type of material that passes insidethe machinery or drains connected to the exhaust column

Some small precautions to live in your environments better and maintain the high quality with which the waste water is flowing consist in controlling the pressure, in order to avoid changes that could affect the air quality inside the pipes.

All the pipes of the structure are in fact connected to the vent pipes that maintain the correct internal pressure, preventing the production of air bubbles that can produce strange noises, such as gurgles or returns of bad smells. For everything to work at its best it is necessary that theinstallation is built to the best, keeping in mind thealignment, position andinclination of all parties involved, specifically:

  • The diameter of the pipes used and their purpose in the installation
  • the path of the pipes
  • the material used for the pipes
  • their inclination, which must be designed according to the needs: pipes too narrow at the exit can create difficulties to the flow of the black water

For an installation without worries, trust theyears of experience gained in EdiliziAcrobatica. With our double safety rope, we do not need to mount the expensive and difficult to manage scaffolds and we guarantee you an excellent job having the highest mobility of operation during the descents.

A well-installed and functioning drain column works by itself: the flow of dirty water occurs due to the force of gravity. If this does not happen, contact EdiliziAcrobatica to solve your problem, you will immediately realise the many advantages of construction on rope. Before performing each intervention we proceed with a free inspection, we need to quantify and design the best intervention for you to have a clear quote and no surprises, made especially for you.

How does the intervention work?

If, for example, the flow of sewage did not work properly, you must intervene with an inspection to identify trouble spots. Next, we proceed with the cleaning of the affected parts of the drain column. Often because of how these pipes are positioned, the intervention is not simple, but do not be discouraged: we at EdiliziAcrobatica ensure you arrive at any point, even the most hidden ones. In addition, some substances present in the discharge columns may be harmful, the advice is always to request the intervention of professionals who can solve your problems by managing the situation competently.

For the installation of a new drain column it is necessary to perform an inspection, which is always free. Following the inspection the project is presented: a sewage system consists of many straight pipes inserted in series and connected to each other by fittings, which collect the water of the individual systems present in thebuilding.

The column must be inserted vertically, the inclination is an aspect to consider very carefully: our technicians know that ideally it must be between 1% and 2%, this is because if it were more inclined the outflow would be too fast, requiring maintenance and cleaning much more frequently. Thanks to the professionalism of EdiliziAcrobatica you will not have to worry about all these aspects because we guarantee a highly professional service.

Once the installation work is completed and the correct operation is verified, our operators close the passage of the pipes in the insoles, if they have been inserted, with thermal insulating materials making sure to make it watertight. With our innovative technique you will have many advantages that thetraditional construction can not offer you, the first? With us you can save many fixed costs that are in the estimates of companies that use the classic techniques of scaffolding work: ask us immediately for a quote.


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