The demand for structural reinforcement of beams and columns to improve building safety is increasing, particularly in areas prone to earthquakes. This often involves structural repairs to beams and columns that are located at great heights, which must in any case be carried out at height. This is the kind of specific operation carried out by EdiliziAcrobatica®: we are able to perform all the necessary work without scaffolding or aerial platforms, thanks to our use of the innovative technique of rope access work.

Our intervention, as opposed to those carried out by companies that have to hire and assemble structures for lifting personnel, is more economical and makes it possible for execution times to be reduced. Moreover, it allows minimum interruption to using the building during the work. Furthermore, in more complex cases where, for example, there has been an earthquake, access to areas to set up the scaffolding systems or use the aerial platforms remains forbidden. EdiliziAcrobatica® and our innovative method is the best solution.

On many occasions, structural reinforcements of beams and columns are required with the utmost urgency to secure damaged structures, for example earthquakes: using the technique of rope access work, we can start the process promptly, without wasting time assembling external platforms.  We do not impose any intervention limits on ourselves: over the years we have gained a great deal of experience in working on buildings of particular historical or architectural interest. The experience we have acquired translates into guaranteed advantages for you: EdiliziAcrobatica®, compared with traditional systems, assures rapid intervention and maximum visibility of the buildings being structurally reinforced. These advantages are even more evident when the buildings to be reinforced are of historical and artistic interest and the intervention must be performed selectively, without impairing the view and ensuring total reversibility, so as to restore the building or monument to its original state of beauty in a short time.

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EdiliziAcrobatica® employ the use of innovative rope access work technology using, if necessary, the latest generation of composite materials, which ensure extremely high resistance and are suitable for reinforcing all buildings, naturally in full and absolute compliance with all current regulations:

  • reinforced concrete
  • steel
  • wood
  • brick

Once the lifeline fall arrest system has been set up, usually on the roof of the building, the construction workers from EdiliziAcrobatica are immediately ready to start work and can easily reach every point of the building. Thanks to our unique mobility when working at height, we have no limits when it comes to reaching the most hidden spaces: we can correct any construction weak spots affecting the structure, intervene promptly to reinforce rigid beams made of brick-cement and wood, or for shear reinforcement of reinforced concrete beams.

There are different intervention techniques for the structural reinforcement of columns:

  • static alignment by applying 
    • metal profiles and steel plates
    • using composite materials: our technicians will recommend the type of hoops required to increase bearing capacity during an initial inspection.
  • increasing the column sections with high-performance and fibre-reinforced concrete linings.

To find out which process is best suited to your situation, call us and arrange a free inspection!

  • Rapid interventions: EdiliziAcrobatica operators can work without scaffolding, guaranteeing a rapid intervention that traditional construction systems cannot offer.
  • Full compliance with current regulations: our work is carried out in compliance with the current regulations by specialised personnel in possession of certificates for rope access work. EdiliziAcrobatica® scrupulously comply with the regulations on occupational health and safety and have obtained the international certification BS OHSAS 18001:2007.
  • Always at your service: EdiliziAcrobatica® technicians are able to carry out and design any structural reinforcement of beams and columns, naturally in compliance with anti-seismic regulations.
  • Zero invasiveness, because with any structure for which we intervene, we ensure that disruptions are reduced to a minimum. In fact, the absence of scaffolding guarantees full access to the structure and no visual obstructions.
  • We remove the cost of scaffolding: using the technique of rope access work, we do not need to hire structures to lift construction workers and this allows us to eliminate certain items of expenditure such as the fixed costs that are inevitable for companies using traditional scaffolding systems or aerial platforms: request a free, no obligation quote from us.

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