Genova, 12 July 2023 – The number of new contracts signed by EdiliziAcrobatica customers grew by 50% in the first half of 2023. This is an exceptional result for the company founded by Riccardo Iovino in 1994 that demonstrates the company’s big commercial solidity despite the halt on the benefit of assignments of receivables.

In terms of quantity, the contracts signed at the Group level in the first half of last year amounted to more than 7,700, increasing to more than 11,500 in the same period of 2023 resulting in a significant surge in the number of active customers, demonstrating the company’s great ability to penetrate the market.

The progressive increase is also evident compared to the first quarter of the year, when the Group recorded a +43%.

Acrobatica’s growth is also evident in the expansion of its workforce. In fact the company currently has 2,294 employees compared to 1,538 in the first six months of 2022, including personnel in Italy, France, Spain, the Principality of Monaco, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Nepal.

I’m particularly pleased with this result,” reflected Riccardo Iovino, CEO & founder of EdiliziAcrobatica, “because it comes at a time when the entire construction sector is suffering for the interruption of State incentives linked to invoice discounts. A 50% increase in the number of contracts concluded compared to 2022 therefore indicates that Acrobatica is being chosen by an increasing number of customers not only in Italy, where we have been operational for 29 years, but also in all the countries where we have established a presence, exporting a business model that has proven to be successful year after year”.

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