“We’d like to share that we are very happy with your two workers. They were professional and attentive as well... Leggi di più

5 stars

Paolo Dodero et Tiziana Scarselli

Leggi di più

5 stars

Paolo Bacci

Along with two other apartment buildings, we hired Edilizia Acrobatica to install four chimneys. The other, more traditional, construction companies... Leggi di più

5 stars

Palmisano Davide

Very complicated project on the seafront, very competent professionals, great result, also shown by the relationship with the always-willing workers.... Leggi di più

5 stars

Onofri Marco (Ardea)

Now that the work carried out on the cornice of the building is finished, as the owner, I was thrilled... Leggi di più

5 stars

Nunziata Rosario – Naples

The team led by Maicol from Edilizia Acrobatica showed excellent skills, especially including good manners, cleanliness and respect for private... Leggi di più

5 stars

Muccioli Lucia – Rimini

The guys did great work, I congratulated the team leader both for the cable trays in the cloister and for... Leggi di più

5 stars


Edilmare apartment building on via Lenotti, Foggia. Giuseppe and Nicolo’ are two top professionals and really nice guys. Great work. Leggi di più

5 stars

Mario Mancini

Adriano and Giampiero carried out excellent and meticulous work, and even did jobs that weren’t planned for in the quote... Leggi di più

5 stars

Mariano Pietrobono

I didn’t know that such courageous and patient people existed! I can only compliment the guys who were were working... Leggi di più

5 stars

Manuela Perfetto – Roma

“Hello, I’m one of the owners of the Garbatella building in Rome, which in the last few days has undergone... Leggi di più

5 stars

Manuela Laurenti

Complete repair and restoration of the apartment building. The final result was better than good and in line with expectations.... Leggi di più

5 stars

Maccabruni Alberto – Busto Arsizio

Capable, fast, polite and willing. Great experience. If need be, I’ll call them again. Leggi di più

Luigi Magagnini – Roma

I approached this company for some work to be carried out on my building, which was completed a few days... Leggi di più

Licciardello Valeria – Catania

Subject: Work carried out on a property in Brunate (CO) at Via ai Zocc n. 5 owned by Ms Lucia... Leggi di più

Mr Davide Rossini

Thanks to EdiliziAcrobatica and in particular engineer Nicola Ferla, the Catania area manager, for the attentive and accurate evaluation of... Leggi di più

Granata Marina

 I called EdiliziAcrobatica to fix the roof. The workers who came were skilled and willing and they worked without making... Leggi di più

Giotti Serena (Florence)

I wanted to write this message to thank you for the work carried out on the restoration of the roof... Leggi di più

Giorgio Mariani

“In sending you my sincerest Christmas wishes, I am taking the opportunity to thank your company for the professionalism and... Leggi di più

Surveyor Giuseppe Trepiccione

 At the end of summer, a storm caused a lot of damage to the roof of my building. I approached... Leggi di più

Gelmi Lodovica – Verona

Leggi di più

Gabriele Zecca

Following my request for a quote from Edilizia Acrobatica, I was immediately contacted by Mr Mirko Guaglianone. He was extremely... Leggi di più

Gabbarini Marco – Biassono (MB)

The work carried out by the company was the routine maintenance and restoration of the gutter and the repair of... Leggi di più


Upon completion of the work carried out in my apartment for renovating the cornices on the seventh floor, I’d like... Leggi di più

Fiorella Friscia Manfredi

I’d like to thank the managers in this company of “acrobats” who came to repair the apartment building and make... Leggi di più

Falco Roberto

We are very happy with the professionalism, friendliness and speed with which Salvatore Gabriele and Alessandro Contarino carried out the... Leggi di più

Fabio Lombardo – Valverde

I’d like to express how pleased I am with the two technicians Adrian Balan and Manuel Stella for the competence... Leggi di più

Egidio Pocci – Latina

I’m the manager of some apartment buildings, and in the last two years, I’ve been collaborating with EdiliziAcrobatica for roof... Leggi di più

Durazzi Roberto

At the end of the heat insulation and waterproofing work on the roof of Malafrasca Siena Holiday Farm, I’d like... Leggi di più

Dr. Giovanni SALVINI

“The undersigned Gaetano Parisi, as a client and technician, wishes to express thanks for the collaboration, willingness and professionalism demonstrated... Leggi di più

Dott. Ing. Gaetano Parisi

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