In thanking you for the speed and competency in the work carried out, I wanted to highlight the good manners,... Leggi di più

Dott. G. Greco – Studio Greco e Associati

Dear Mr Giuseppe Scimeca, I’m sending you this message to express praise from myself and the parish community for your... Leggi di più

Don Sergio Meli Priest – Church of Saint Mary of Pompeii

Good evening, everyone. I’d like to take this opportunity to especially thank surveyor Marco Cerullo, the team leader and the... Leggi di più

Domenico Alberti

 Hello, my apartment building in Rome had some safety work on all the front panels on one side covering nine... Leggi di più

De Maria Giuseppe – Rome

Some security work was carried out on the balconies on the building I live in in Turin. I can only... Leggi di più

De Bianchi Rossella – Turin

I wanted to congratulate the team that worked on the site, highlighting their professionalism, their dedication to the work and... Leggi di più

Davide Manno

Particular thanks go to Mirko De Santis’ team! After finishing the work on the roof that had begun a few... Leggi di più

Danovaro Irene – Rome

Hello,  I’d like to thank you for the great work carried out on my apartment building, in particular, the team... Leggi di più

D.ssa Donatella Ceci  

Hi everyone, I’m an individual who owns a fourth-floor apartment in Ancona. Unfortunately, the front and underside of my balcony... Leggi di più

Corradi Cristiano

We approached Edilizia Acrobatica to carry out some work in our apartment building. After an initial delay due to bad... Leggi di più

Condominio Catania

I approached Ediliziacrobatica for modification to a chimney on the face of my apartment building. The people who looked after... Leggi di più

Colella Roberto – Bari

I’ve just had the roof checked because it was infested with pigeons. Thanks a lot to the Verona area manager... Leggi di più

Marika Chiodo

Hello, I contacted EdiliziAcrobatica in Mestre for a quote for cleaning the gutters. The manager introduced themself quickly for the... Leggi di più

Cinque Cristina

We’d like to thank you on behalf of all the children that you entertained with your show at the hospital.... Leggi di più

Chiara (Pisa)

“Hello, this is Caterina and Roberta, owners and renovators at the company L’arcolaio di Siena and we restore old textiles.... Leggi di più

Caterina e Roberta

“Competence, professionalism, good manners and ability to work as a team, this is everything that we saw in the work... Leggi di più

Caterina Cusimano

Dear Edilizia Acrobatica, I’d like to take the opportunity of this space that you have provided to compliment you for... Leggi di più

Catalano Fabrizio – Rome

Very professional company with well-prepared and skilled teams that carried out excellent work. Very nice to the old people, their... Leggi di più

Castagna Luciano – DUBBIONE Pinasca (To)

“Construction work at heights allows the cost of work to be cut. With EdiliziAcrobatica I’ve saved more than double. But... Leggi di più

Carlo Maggiore

Great and quick. Work carried out perfectly, even better than expected. Leggi di più

Calzavara Goretta

As a last resort, I contacted Edilizia Acrobatica to install a chimney on the façade of my apartment building. I... Leggi di più

Calabrese Vito Antonio – Bari

Great company, but it’s true that for a company to be valid, it must have great workers. In my case,... Leggi di più

Bellopede Antonio – Naples,”La Loggetta”

Hello, after contacting EdiliziAcrobatica in Mestre and agreeing on the initial work, which started punctually, I can only say that... Leggi di più

Belgrado Michela – Venice

As a client, I’d like to share my more-than-positive evaluations for the people involved (engineers and operators) who firstly did... Leggi di più

Balducci Vincenzo

I, the undersigned lawyer Enrico Foresta, born in Catanzaro (CZ) on 23/10/1979, with professional office in Piazza D’Annunzio, 15, 80125,... Leggi di più

Mr Enrico Foresta

After encountering a large problem on the wall of the apartment building, and after useless work carried about by various... Leggi di più

Arianna Speranza – Resident

“On behalf of the course participants and my staff, I’d like to express to you (Giorgio Liberatore, Lazio area manager... Leggi di più

Mr Giorgio Mallamaci

I’m an apartment building manager and we’re collaborating on roof and façade work in several of our apartment buildings. Excellent... Leggi di più

Architect Angelo Della Manna

Good evening, I have just made the bank transfer for the sum of the invoice, and I’d like to take... Leggi di più

Antonio Gatto

I’m taking the opportunity to thank the guys and the whole organisation for the work carried out professionally and politely.... Leggi di più

Antonella Luciani

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