Genoa, 1 October 2019 – EdiliziAcrobatica S.p.A. (“The Company” or “EDAC”), the Italian company specializing in building construction, like maintenance and construction works of buildings and other architectural structures, using the double safety rope technique, listed on the AIM Italia segment of the Italian Stock Exchange (ticker EDAC) and on Euronext Growth (ticker ALEAC) reported that the first of the three exercise periods of the “2018-2021 EDAC Warrants” ISIN code IT0005351470 (“Warrant”) ended on 30 September 2019 (“First Warrant Exercise Period”), pursuant to article 3.2 of the Warrant Regulation. During the First Warrant Exercise Period, 198.937 Warrants have been exercised and 198.937 EDAC Conversion Shares have been consequently subscribed at 3,66 Euro for each Conversion Share, for a total value of 728.109,42 Euro. EDAC Conversion Shares which were subscribed have been made available for negotiation today (the day after the end of the First Warrant Exercise Period) via a broker of Monte Titoli S.p.A., they are subject to the same accounting treatment of the Ordinary EDAC Shares listed on the Stock Exchange and, as such, holders will be entitled to receive coupon rates. The new EDAC share capital is 792.423,7 Euro, divided into 7.924.237 Ordinary Shares without nominal value. Pursuant to article 2444 of the Civil Code, the resolution papers indicating the updated share capital of the Company will be filed on the official Register of Companies in Milan, according to the current law. It’s understood that the Warrant holders who did not subscribe the Conversion Shares within the end of the First Warrant Exercise Period will still have the possibility to exercise their Warrants during the next Warrant Exercise Periods. To get more insights, please refer to the Warrant Regulation which is currently available on the Company website http://ediliziacrobatica.com in the “Investor Relations/IPO” section. In the same section the Warrant Key Information Document is available for consultation.

This press release is available on the website: https://ediliziacrobatica.com/
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