Genoa, 15 February 2024 – EdiliziAcrobatica S.p.A. (“EDAC” or the “Group” or “Acrobatica”), a company specialising in double safety rope construction work, listed on the Euronext Growth Milan segment (ticker EDAC) and on Euronext Growth Paris (ticker ALEAC), which from 2024 will be positioned worldwide under the single brand ACROBATICA, was recognised by IRTOP Consulting as part of the 2nd edition of the “ESG Awards” handed out by the Osservatorio ECM ESG.

The ESG Award was given to the Group as part of the event presenting the main findings of Osservatorio ECM ESG, the first Italian observatory dedicated to investigating the non-financial reporting practices of companies listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market of Borsa Italiana. There were 63 sustainable companies on EGM in 2023, a figure that was up by 15% compared to 2022, confirming the increasing attention of SMEs to sustainability. The areas analysed included: characteristics of the panel (capitalisation, sector, region), nature of the publication (mandatory, voluntary), type of published document, reporting framework, materiality assessment, Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs, risk management model and types of ESG risks, governance models, membership in EU Taxonomy sectors.

The award is given to companies that report on sustainability and have obtained the best ESG scores from the scoring system designed by IRTOP Consulting for SMEs. The method used for classification is based on 38 key points for ESG assessment, structured according to the three canonical pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance, interconnected and weighted according to the various aspects characterising each company. This subdivision makes it possible to accurately identify the ESG actions implemented by the companies under assessment and reported by them in the non-financial statements.

Acrobatica scored the highest overall, placing it at the top of the ranking.

Reason: Acrobatica decided to formalise its commitment to Sustainability in 2020, in particular with the development and implementation of various policies, including the ESG Policy that embodies the Group’s commitment to sustainable business management and growth. Acrobatica won the award for implementing policies that are an expression of the Company’s commitments to economic, environmental and social responsibility, including respect for human rights, with the aim of formally integrating ESG factors within the Business Model and making the various procedures applicable to the organisation’s business operations and relationships throughout the value chain. In 2022 Acrobatica achieved the following goals related to the United Nations SDGs: 1 (No Poverty), 3 (Good Health and Well-being), 4 (Quality Education), 5 (Gender Equality), 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), 10 (Reduced Inequalities), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), 13 (Climate Action), 14 (Life below Water), 15 (Life on Land). The group also promotes sustainable development and economic growth through its adherence to, involvement in and commitment to the UN Global Compact initiatives, sharing and applying its 10 fundamental principles relating to human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

Anna Marras, CEO of the Acrobatics Group: “For Acrobatica, every human being is unique and precious, just as the environment in which human beings lead their lives is precious. For us, taking care of people means taking care of their environment. Our core business is buildings, people’s homes, but what would be the point of caring for a house and forgetting about the planet? Every action would be meaningless if we didn’t start from the assumption that the Earth is everyone’s home and caring for it is everyone’s duty. And while we’ve been using a technique that has a very low environmental impact since our inception 30 years ago, in recent years we’ve become even more committed to making our contribution to protecting everybody’s home: our planet”.

Martina Pegazzano, Group Investor Relator & Sustainability Manager at Acrobatica and Riccardo Banfo, Group CFO at Acrobatica: “Sustainability is not just an environmental issue, but also economic and social. It’s a balance that we must pursue for a prosperous future. It’s not just a matter of regulatory compliance, but a drive for innovation and the creation of new business opportunities and wealth. Companies that embrace this view demonstrate a long-term vision, making decisions that create value for all people, for all stakeholders. Acrobatica began its sustainability journey a long time ago guided by its vision to transform the culture of building around the world, making this choice an imperative for the future of our planet and society in general. Having received this award today is one more confirmation that we’re moving in the right direction”.

Anna Lambiase, Founder and CEO and Scientific Director of the Osservatorio ECM ESG: “Congratulations to EdiliziAcrobatica on this important award. The companies honoured in this edition reflect an Italy pursuing excellence even from the point of view of Sustainability and increasingly attentive to non-financial reporting in order to respond both to the asset allocation logic of a growing number of institutional investors with article 8 and article 9 funds, and to the need to be increasingly competitive in their relevant markets”.


EdiliziAcrobatica S.p.A. is the leading company in the exterior renovation sector. Founded in Genoa in 1994 by Riccardo Iovino and guided today by Anna Marras, Group CEO, the company currently has around 2,500 employees and more than 150 operating areas in Italy, France, Spain, the Principality of Monaco, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The double safety rope technique makes it possible to do construction work while offering the end customer efficient, safe and sustainable services. Listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market since November 2018 and on the Euronext Growth Paris market since February 2019, ACROBATICA has integrated the principles of sustainability into its Business Model, guaranteeing a naturally sustainable service and a responsible approach that pursues the well-being and satisfaction of its internal and external stakeholders, and in 2022 it earned an ESG Rating that places it among the lowest-risk companies in its cluster of reference.

IRTOP Consulting, IPO Partner of Borsa Italiana, is Italy’s leading financial boutique in advisory services for the listing of SMEs on the stock exchange. Founded in Milan in 2001, it has developed a solid track record in capital markets and a leadership position at Euronext Growth Milan. It operates through the IPO Advisory, Debt Advisory, Equity Research, IR Advisory and ESG Advisory business units with a team of professionals boasting several years of experience in extraordinary finance, equity market valuation techniques, financial communications, regulation, sustainable finance and ESG reporting. In 2014, it founded Osservatorio ECM Euronext Growth Milan, a think tank focused on capital markets. Osservatorio ECM ESG was founded in 2022 as a VERTICAL of Osservatorio ECM: it is the first Italian observatory dedicated to investigating the non-financial reporting practices of companies listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market of Borsa Italiana. T + 39 02 45473883 –