• The EdiliziAcrobatica Group has chosen Intesa Sanpaolo as its sole partner for the transfer of Ecobonus tax credits deriving from the energy upgrades of buildings, and now also those of the Superbonus programme managed through the newco Energy Acrobatica 110 Srl
  • To date the credits transferred and already paid thanks to the agreement with the Bank amount to €22 million

Turin/Genoa, 21 October 2021 – Intesa Sanpaolo increased the revolving credit line it made available to the EdiliziAcrobatica Group to €9.5 million, which the company can use for the sale without recourse to the Bank of tax credits generated both by the Ecobonus and by energy upgrades qualifying under the Superbonus programme introduced by the “Relaunch Decree”.

To support condominium administrators and owners in completing all the paperwork related to the 110% incentive and to be able to benefit from it easily and without risk, EdiliziAcrobatica founded Energy Acrobatica 110 Srl, which offers a “turnkey” solution using a certified, transparent process and a platform dedicated to following the progress of the project and document management. The newco operates through the commercial network of EdiliziAcrobatica and its professionals and contractors located in the main cities of Italy (Turin, Milan, Brescia, Genoa, Verona, Padua, Florence and Rome) and an internal team dedicated to the transfer of the credit