Genoa, 8 June 2022 – EdiliziAcrobatica S.p.A. closed the month of May with a +30.1% increase in the value of contracts signed, rising from €11.43 million in 2021 to €14.87 million in 2022.

Therefore, notwithstanding the turbulent international landscape the positive performance of the company founded by Riccardo Iovino continued in May 2022, proceeding along its path of constant growth both in Italy and abroad.

The performance of the Italian franchise network was also positive, rising from €3.05 million in May 2021 to €3.45 million in May 2022, an increase of 13.1%.

In terms of internal growth, the Group reached a total of 1,525 employees at 31 May 2022, 27.8% more than the 1,193 people employed in the same period last year.

The results of EdiliziAcrobatica France were also solidly positive, closing the month of May with growth of 37.5% to €0.55 million in contracts signed versus €0.4 million in 2021.

As for the Spanish EA Iberica, growth continued in the two operating areas of Barcelona and Lleida, with a value of contracts signed equal to €0.14 million. “I am very satisfied with the results EdiliziAcrobatica has achieved so far in 2022”, commented Riccardo Iovino, CEO & Founder of EdiliziAcrobatica S.p.A. “Despite all the difficulties, whether it be a pandemic or an ongoing war, the company has shown and continues to show an economic solidity that’s the result of foresight and shared strategies, in the awareness that if the business model is perfectly replicable it’s because the people who make that business run every day don’t allow themselves to be influenced by external agents but instead focus all their efforts on achieving success”.