Welding or cutting the metal parts of your building is possible at any height

The structure of any building is made up, at least in part, of metal structures. Just think of the reinforced framework responsible for ensuring the stability of certain structures, as well as the railings or grates that protect many balconies and windowsills.

It is inconceivable to think that these structures will never need any intervention, and there are many reasons why work needs to be performed on these metal parts.

First of all, the passage of time has a particularly damaging effect on metal structures. In fact, constant exposure to the weather, seepage of damp, or corrosive agents can lead to damage, which is sometimes irreparable.

There may be several different metals present in a building that undergo a process of oxidation and on which a layer of rust has appeared. A prime example is the metals in a building’s framework: water seepage causes the metals to oxidise, the reinforced structure swells and damages the surrounding concrete.

It is always recommended to perform a prompt intervention to avoid the possible appearance of even greater wear and tear that is difficult to repair.

No matter the metal structure in your building that needs specific treatment or welding, you can contact us: we will carry out the intervention in the best possible way and at very advantageous prices. Request a free, no-obligation quote; an EA technician will contact you within a few hours to arrange a free inspection and give you a quote complete with the costs, times and the necessary phases of work.


Of course, welding or cutting metal requires a great deal of professionalism, particularly when it comes to welding metals at height during construction work carried out on building exteriors. In this case, in addition to the complexity and risks involved in this specific activity, there is also the difficulty of working at often considerable heights. Our extensive experience enables us to resolve any problems you may have with the metal parts of your building, and to plan and carry out any interventions for cutting metal or welding at height without the need to assemble scaffolding or use aerial platforms, thanks to the double safety rope system of work, which ensures optimal safety conditions on the construction site and allows all the necessary preventive measures to be implemented.

Every operation is carried out scrupulously by our construction workers: from preparing to welding, from cooling the metals to checking and assessing the finished work, we always ensure that the materials have all the technical, functional and aesthetic characteristics desired by the client, in full compliance with the safety procedures.


From the outset, it is important to identify the characteristics of the metals to be cut or welded, to select and regulate the appropriate equipment and tools, and to apply the necessary finishing and control techniques to ensure the work is completed to perfection. When welding metals at height, no scaffolding or aerial platforms are used: our operators, trained and qualified to work using the double safety rope technique, position the anchorage points for the lifeline fall arrest system on the roof and lower themselves down to reach any point on the building, with no limits to the heights at which they can work. Our intervention is performed to excellence, without causing any disturbance to the people living in the building and also with many advantages in terms of sustainability and time saving.

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