Billboards are a really effective method to grab the attention of people who live and explore the city areas, but to make a realimpact and attract new potential customers, it is necessary that everything is presented at its best. For this reason the installation phase is strategic: this includes the evaluation of the area of where to place it, so that maximum visibility of the content is obtained by passers-by.

Work in this area requires great professionalism, whether you are the manager of the poster space or you need to manage it and take full advantage of the advertising. We at EdiliziAcrobatica® offer you a unique and innovative professional service: thanks to the double safety rope technique we do not use any type of scaffolding, this translates into faster processing times, significant savings and maximum visibility during the planned operations. Indeed, often our operators, precisely because of the spectacular nature of the work they do, draw attentionto themselves.

Our service has been perfected over the years, we guarantee you the utmost professionalism at every stage of the intervention:

  • Raising advertising boards
  • Installation and removal of billboards
  • Installation and removal of signs and panels of any size and material

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an impactful advertising message is a challenge, here are some tips on how to structure creativity. We hope they can be useful to install many more.

  • Do not fill all the available space
  • Find a unique and original message
  • Pay attention to the size and proportions
  • Secure aninstallation doneprofessionally with EdiliziAcrobatica®

The authorisation is a fundamental document, to obtain it you must request it through anapplication for authorisation to the municipality of reference.

The technique of the double safety rope allows us to carry out any maintenance, renovation and installation operation outdoors without theuse of any support such as scaffolding or treadmills. Our experience has also developed thanks to numerous collaborations with advertising companies, public and private bodies, and all remain satisfied with our impeccable service

Once on site, the workers prepare themselves to perform the work on rope:

– identify and set up anchor points

– when necessary, to avoid falling down material, they use an aerial valance made of aluminum tubes and double layer PVC bag.

WE DO NOT USE annoying and expensive aerial platforms or platforms.

With our technique we make the installation of billboards an easy and fast job, moreover if you have urgent needs we also offer the emergency service. We are operating throughout the national territory, thanks to the numerous locations, including direct and franchises, open in the main Italian cities.

Our interventions are cheaper because they do not require the use of devices such as platforms or scaffolding, reducing time as well as costs.

For the particularity of our processes we need to evaluate the area of operation to quantify the actual costs, do not worry our inspections and estimates are always free, call us!

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