Regulatory information

We strictly abide by safety legislation and by legal provisions conceirning building site.

Regulatory information

We strictly abide by safety legislation and by legal provisions conceirning building site.



When we perform complex operations at height with the double safety rope technique, people are always surprised by the dexterity of our operators. Of course our interventions without scaffolds are spectacular, but only by knowing the competence and the training required by every single work, you can appreciate even more our professionalism.


All our work activities undertake a company policy oriented to excellent standards in terms of quality and safety. Nothing is neglected, from the preliminary stage to the closure of the building site. That is the reason why we obtained such prestigious certifications as the BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 and the ISO 9001: 2008 by Bureau Veritas, the world leader in services control, verification and certification for Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility.

We scrupulously abide by all the safety laws in the workplace: we take care not only of you and your home, but also of the personnel involved in the construction site and in all our activities.


Consolidated Law on Safety at Work

Safety at work for construction companies is a fundamental principle to guarantee workers’ health: the main reference legislation is contained in Legislative Decree n. 81 of 9 April 2008, Consolidated Law on Safety at Work and its subsequent amendments and additions. The Consolidated Act specifies the targets and obligations that each company must necessarily comply with to avoid penalties; furthermore, several provisions concerne fire fighting course (the Ministerial Decree of 10 March 1998) and first aid (the DM 388 of 2003).

Legislative Decree 81/08 introduces obligations for employers and rights for workers. In particular, employers must  evaluate business risks and designate firefighting and first aid representatives. Control of danger and risk management are very important aspects for construction companies because unfortunately serious accidents can occur.

Safety regulations in the workplace describe proper measures to ensure health protection, such as: specific training courses for employees, planning and implementing safety actions, protective devices for workers, careful evaluation of their conditions and their abilities, control of possible risks and emergency situations.


Our commitment

EdiliziAcrobatica® undertakes to apply current regulations in order to ensure quality and respect for workers’ health and safety. Specific actions are regularly carried out in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/08, such as the periodic updating of the Risk Assessment Document, in collaboration with the Prevention and Protection Service, in order to ensure a permanent and organic management for the identification, evaluation, elimination and control of risk factors. We are also committed to follow specific preventive actions, to intensify internal audit activities and operational feedbacks and  to supply information, training and consultation activities to workers and their representatives. EdiliziAcrobatica®always pays the utmost attention to the respect of the safety regulations also on construction site. Staff training is the linchpin of the company which employs only carefully selected and highly qualified staff.


Relevant legislation

Legislative Decree 81/08, Consolidated Law on Safety at Work

Legislative Decree 359/99, Implementation of Directive 95/63 / EC amending Directive 89/655 / EEC concerning the minimum requirements of safety and health for the use of equipment

Legislative Decree of 15 July 2003, n.388 – Regulations containing dispositions on the company’s first aid, in implementation of article 15, paragraph 3, of the legislative decree of 19 September 1994, n. 626, and subsequent amendments

Ministerial Decree of 10 March 1988 – General dispositions for fire safety and for emergency management in the workplace. 2016-2019 OHSAS18001 Certif.No IT267107 / UK ISO9001 Certif.No IT267590